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Chain Actuators

Chain Actuators for Windows

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Chain actuators to open the transom windows

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to open and close windows? The electric chain actuators (also called chain motors for windows) allow the automatic opening and closing of the window by moving one or two chains. These window motors are suitable for opening and closing top hinged windows, sheds, wooden, PVC or aluminum skylights.

In the Windowo shop you can also buy online models of automation for particular windows designed to work together in synchrony, remotely controllable motors via remote control or wi-fi, items capable of interfacing with control units and wind, smoke or rain sensors.

Buy the best chain actuators at discounted prices

Discover the best chain actuators : Topp, Nekos, WAY Mingardi, Aprimatic, Ultraflex UCS and many more! Find on Windowo the chain actuator that best suits your needs by choosing from hundreds of models at discounted prices. Just find the chain actuator with the features you are looking for, select the color or the stroke in the product sheet ... and you will immediately see the cost.

If you have any doubts in choosing the chain actuator model you can contact us: we will help you find the most suitable motor model to open your windows. For example, we could ask you to turn over a photo of your doors or windows or the label of the no longer functioning actuator that you need to replace.

Tilt-and-turn windows: what are the best solutions for opening?

What exactly does vasistas mean? Where does this strange term come from? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this opening mechanism? If you are curious, we recommend that you read our guide. You can find it on the Windowo blog .

Chain motors and window weight

Wondering how much weight can chain motors move? In reality this is an evaluation that is up to the technician who takes care of installing the automation. It will take care of mathematically transforming the weight of the window in Newton. In fact, each chain motor is designed to move a weight expressed in Newton . To put it simply, the more Newtons there are, the more weight they can move.

Pay attention to the voltage of chain window motors!

Normally the same model of chain actuator is available in different voltage types. When you buy a chain motor you will therefore have to consider whether to take an actuator with the home voltage (230V) or with the industrial voltage (direct current 24V) . Then there are other countries, such as in America, where the domestic voltage changes (110v).

Attention: if the voltage is wrong you risk burning the engine immediately! Especially if you plug a 24V actuator into the house plug. If you have any doubts about safety you can write to us.



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