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Photocells for automatic gates at the best prices

Photocells for automatic gates for sale online at the best prices on Windowo. Continue reading to find out how automatic gate photocells work, their characteristics, correct positioning and find out which are the best gate photocell models that we recommend you buy.

Photocells for automatic gates for sale online

Photocells for automatic gates for sale online on Windowo at the best prices on offer. Automatic gates work with gate automations (usually an electric motor) and with gate photocells that receive signals and detect obstacles, controlling opening and closing.

Photocells for Automatic Gates


Automatic gate photocell: how do they work?

The sliding or swing gate photocells are electrical devices installed next to the automatic gate. The latter does not close if the range is obstructed by people or cars.

Usually the photocells for automatic gates are coupled and positioned in a straight line. In this way they check the length of the gate to detect any obstacles.

Gate photocell connection

Automatic gates, sliding or swing, need some accessories for correct and safe operation of the operator.

Among these accessories for automatic gate motors, photocells for gates are of particular importance. In fact, the photocells for automatic gates have the important role of identifying the presence of any obstacles (machines, people or animals) that may hinder the movement of the leaf.

In fact, a photocell immediately detects the danger and sends a command signal to the control unit which blocks the movement, making the entire system safe.

The gate photocells are one in front of the other , designed to send the signal and stop the movement in case of obstacles.

The gate photocell, called the transmitter, has a LED that sends signals to the receiver photocell. When the second photocell fails to see the infrared light, it immediately sends a signal to the control unit which stops the gate automation.

Where are the gate photocells placed?

The assembly of the photocells of the automatic gate foresees the perfectly aligned positioning of the two sensors which must be placed at the same height.

The height that we advise you to keep is 50 cm from the ground, in order to easily align the photoelectric cells for gates from a distance.

Both gate photocells must be connected to the electric current and the transmitter one relates to the control unit through a specific cable.

The maintenance of the photocells is important: even a simple thunderstorm could compromise the correct functioning of a gate photocell. It may happen that the gate photocell does not work even in the event of poor cleaning or the presence of leaves or plants.

The photocells of the automatic gates stop working correctly even if they are no longer aligned, but in this case just reposition them.

Gate photocell not working: reasons and possible causes

As we have already said, the automatic gate photocells are essential for the safety of movement.

To check if the photocell works , just pass a hand in front of it and hear if it makes a particular sound (click). If you hear the signal it means that the photocell is working correctly.

Attention: we must remember that the photocells for automatic gates are continuously exposed to atmospheric agents.

What are the possible problems behind a malfunction? Here's how to identify the most frequent ones:
  • Remove plastic covers and check if the photocells are clean (perhaps there are insects, leaves or cobwebs inside);
  • Check that there are no objects, even small ones, within the range of action of the photocells (such as plants or flowers);
  • In the case of wireless wireless photocells for automatic gates, replace the batteries;
  • Check that the transmitter and receiver are aligned with each other.

After having done these operations you can go to the controls directly on the control unit :
  • Check the light of the led signal;
  • Check the cables that are connected for life by a clamp;
  • If the cables come loose or come loose, put them back in place with a screwdriver;
  • Remove any residue of dirt with a brush.

If the gate photocell is still faulty, we advise you to call a specialized technician.



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