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Locks for gates: find your iron gate lock

Locks for gates: our wide range of models combines security, durability and design, to offer you solutions that not only protect your property, but also enhance its aesthetics. Whether you have a gate made of wrought iron, wood or another material, our external gate locks have been selected to adapt to different needs. Buy your new and safe gate lock online and discover Windowo's unmissable offers.

Gate locks for sale online: prices and offers

Gate locks for sale online at the best prices. Buy your new and safe gate lock online. Discover Windowo's offers on accessories for iron gates and many other professional components.

Installing a lock on the gate means choosing between the different locking systems the one that corresponds to the needs of those who want to open. The locking and operating parameters of the openings must be taken into account.

Our locks were chosen not only for their quality but also for their ease of installation. Furthermore, they require minimal maintenance (even in the case of an electric gate lock), ensuring long-lasting protection.

If you are looking for other systems and block systems for iron gates, we recommend that you check the category completely dedicated to gate closures.

Types of swing gate locks based on their opening

Gate locks are defined based on the type of opening. To find out which one corresponds to your gate, stand in front of it on the inside and observe:
  • if the lock is on the right and opens inwards it is a right-hand pull lock;
  • if the lock is on the left and opens inwards it is a left-hand pull lock;
  • if the lock is on the right and opens outwards, then it is a right-hand lock that pushes;
  • if the lock is on the left and opens outwards, then it is a left-hand lock that is pushing.

Models of locks for gates or swing doors

From traditional key locks to the most modern electronic solutions, our collection of locks for external gates is designed to satisfy every type of request. Choose from a variety of robust and reliable models, designed to resist atmospheric agents and mechanical stress:
  • deadbolt lock to be applied;
  • lever lock to be applied;
  • mortise lock;
  • wrought iron gate lock;
  • sliding gate lock;
  • electric locks for gates.

Buying the right lock for your gate is easy and safe in the Windowo online store. With just a few clicks you can explore the various options, read the detailed descriptions and choose the product that best suits your needs. Furthermore, we offer competitive prices to guarantee you the best value for money for your gate closure.

The lock for gate or sliding door

For this type of gate or door, the choice of iron door lock is relatively limited.

Which gate lock to apply?

Vertical or horizontal, you will have to choose depending on the width of the upright.

The hook lock to apply or mortise

This is a model of gate lock designed for sliding models. The closing mechanism of the hook gate lock consists of a tilting hook which is controlled by the handle in the panel. A turn of the key locks the hook and prevents opening.

Gate locks: frequently asked questions and answers

To help you navigate the world of gate locks, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. This information is designed to provide you with clear and detailed guidance, helping you choose the most suitable and reliable security gate lock.

What types of locks are suitable for gates?
On Windowo we offer a variety of gate locks, including traditional mechanical models, cylinder locks and electric gate lock, suitable for different types of gates (both metal and wooden).

Are gate locks resistant to external weather conditions?
Yes, most of our iron gate locks are designed to be weatherproof, ensuring durability and functionality even in adverse weather conditions.

Is it complicated to install a lock on a gate?
The installation depends on the type of electric gate lock. Many models are designed for simple, straightforward installation, but more complex locks, such as electronic ones, may require professional help .

How much do gate locks cost?
Iron gate locks prices: costs vary depending on the type and characteristics of the lock. We offer a range of prices to suit different budgets, always ensuring the best quality and safety .

How to maintain a gate lock?
Maintenance usually includes periodic cleaning and lubrication of moving parts. It is also important to regularly check for signs of wear or damage.

Where can I buy gate locks?
External gate locks are available in the Windowo online store, where you can explore a wide range of options and find the perfect solution for your needs.



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