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REI fire doors and accessories

Discover our range of REI fire doors, characterized by high fire resistance and notable flame insulation capacity. Make a convenient and safe online purchase on Windowo.

REI fire doors and accessories

Discover our selection of REI fire doors and related accessories.

These doors are designed to offer high fire resistance, ensuring effective protection and insulation from flames.

List of features of REI fire doors:

  • High fire resistance and thermal insulation;
  • Ability to contain flames and harmful fumes.

Accessories for REI fire doors

Explore our range of accessories designed specifically for REI fire doors, including locking systems, seals, and fire resistant handles.

Advantages of installing REI fire doors

Improve the safety of your building with REI doors that offer additional protection in the event of fire, reducing the risk to people and property.

Make your online purchase conveniently and safely on Windowo.



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