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Electric linear actuators at the best prices online

Electric linear actuators: what are the best models to automatically move windows, domes or skylights? Find the electric linear actuator best suited to your specific needs. Discover many models of high-quality linear actuators for sale online at low prices.

Electric linear actuators: what are they? What are the best models?

The electric linear actuators that you find for sale online on Windowo are window motors designed to automatically move frames, domes, skylights, dormers, etc.

Let's see what these devices are and which fields of application are so important in the automation of doors and windows.

What are electric linear actuators?

Electric linear actuators are fundamental devices in linear automation processes. These electric actuators are used in numerous industrial sectors.

A linear electric actuator can transform a rotary type movement into a linear movement. In this way a thrust is obtained that can raise, lower or tilt a certain load more or less heavy (in the case of Windowo this is usually a window). In short, the electric actuator creates a motion that becomes a new form of energy .

The main advantage of these linear drive mechanical actuators is versatility: these components push, pull, lift, orient and position loads making processes that would require more time and energy easy and efficient.

As far as the world of linear actuators for windows is concerned, we can include in this category both rod actuators and models that work together with a gear wheel. These particular motor models are called rack actuators.

How does a linear actuator work?

Electric linear actuators convert the rotary motion of a motor into linear motion. This creates two movements: pushing and pulling through the shaft in extension.

The electric motor with rotary movement transmits the motion to the reducer , which in turn rotates the rod.

How to choose an electric linear actuator?

Which electric actuator is the best? It depends. The choice of a specific type of linear actuator is influenced by several parameters :
  • load lifting capacity (force);
  • necessary speed and life cycle for choosing the most suitable material;
  • stroke : linear excursion useful to be carried out;
  • work cycle , i.e. the relationship between work and rest times;
  • space available in the system;
  • work environment : where will the device be used ?;
  • power supply : do we need a direct or alternating current motor?

It is important to choose a linear motor that can meet the particular needs of the type of application we are interested in.

How much does a linear actuator cost?

The price of an electric linear actuator can vary a lot. From a few tens of euros up to thousands of euros, depending on the uses and size.

Linear electric actuators prices on offer

Electric linear actuator price : with Windowo you can find online electric linear actuators at discounted prices on offer. The models we offer you are made by the best engine manufacturers in Italy and in the world.

Do you still have doubts? Read our guide to buying engines that you find on the Windowo blog.

Electric Linear Actuators



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