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Detectors and Sensors

Window Detectors and Rain Sensors

Window motor detectors and rain sensors

Rain detectors and sensors for window automation: discover the best models on sale online. Find your window rain sensor in our online shop dedicated to the world of actuators for opening windows. Buy on Windowo at discounted prices on special offer.

Detectors and sensors for window automation

Window automation detectors have a sensor capable of detecting rain, wind, sun, smoke, etc. conditions. in the environment surrounding the actuator, so as to activate its movement accordingly.

In order to function, the detectors require, in addition to window motors, one or more control units for windows (or control units) which can be purchased on Windowo.

What exactly are rain and wind detectors for windows?
Window wind and rain detectors are weather-sensitive devices that detect the presence of strong wind or rain and automatically control the opening and closing of windows. Benefits include energy savings, protection from damage from wind or rain, comfort and safety.

Can window detectors be integrated into a home automation system?
Yes, many window detectors can be integrated into smart home automation systems to allow remote control or programming of windows based on weather conditions.

Rain sensor for sale online

Are you looking for a rain sensor ? A rain sensor activates if wet and allows the window to close in case of bad weather.

This is a very useful device that allows you to safely exploit openings that are even difficult to reach: in case of rain the rain sensor will close the window automatically.



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