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Vertical Mosquito Nets

Vertical Roller Mosquito Nets

Vertical mosquito nets for sale at the best prices online

Are you looking for vertical mosquito nets? In this Windowo category you can buy online the best vertical roller mosquito nets made to measure in Italy.

Vertical mosquito nets for windows and shutters made to measure

Here you can find the best custom made vertical mosquito nets. In the category dedicated to insect screens capable of sliding vertically, you will discover models made by the most famous Italian manufacturers. These brands are known for the reliability and quality of their wide range of insect screens for windows and roller shutters.

Buying a vertical insect screen in the Windowo online shop will allow you to obtain a quality insect screen at a truly advantageous price. Start looking for the vertical sliding insect screen model you want, enter the measurements and immediately discover the dedicated offer.

On Windowo you can buy different types of vertical mosquito nets online:

What is a vertical insect screen?

By vertical insect screen we mean an insect screen whose net winding system opens and closes by dragging from top to bottom and vice versa (making a vertical movement). The net can be fixed and blocked at the lower end or all collected in the box.

Vertical mosquito nets are designed to cover mainly windows, but also roller shutters, so as to prevent mosquitoes and insects in general from passing through these rooms. They can also be equipped with a clutch, in order to allow a gradual rewinding of the net.

Vertical mosquito nets: what are the advantages?

Vertical mosquito nets for windows and shutters are an advantageous solution for several reasons:
  1. These vertical sliding mosquito nets protect us from the invasion of insects such as mosquitoes and bedbugs;
  2. They also act as a barrier for dirt and pollen , a fundamental characteristic for those suffering from seasonal allergies;
  3. The vertical mosquito nets you find on Windowo are ecological because they are recyclable up to 90% . They are also friends of the environment because they do not harm any animal, not even the hated mosquitoes that will be removed peacefully;
  4. The movement that uses gravity can be done in different ways. The most common is the presence of a spring often equipped with a clutch to allow a fully controlled movement. Very popular are also the vertical chain mosquito nets to avoid having to bow;
  5. They can also be installed in complicated situations, such as in the presence of projecting shutters or roof windows.

Enter the measurements and discover the best vertical sliding insect screens

What are the best models of vertical sliding insect screens on the market? The first step in choosing a mosquito net is to assess what your specific needs are. In fact, there is no objectively better model: there is the best model for you.

Then start by searching on Windowo among the various products, enter the card of your favorite mosquito nets and enter the measurements of the base and height. Our configurator will immediately calculate the price. Within a few days we will deliver your new vertical insect screen directly to the address you indicated when ordering.

How much do vertical insect screens for windows or shutters cost?

The cost of vertical mosquito nets , which are to be installed on windows or roller shutters, varies according to the characteristics of the models. Another factor affecting the price of vertical sliding insect screens is obviously the required size (base and height). If you want to install a vertical insect screen in a little-used area of the house, it may be convenient to opt for a cheap vertical insect screen, without special options.

Whichever model of vertical mosquito net you will choose, know that on Windowo you will find an advantageous price. This is because we sell online by dealing directly with the manufacturers of mosquito nets. You also don't pay for ancillary services such as having someone else take your measurements and installation is not included.

What is the purpose of the clutch in vertical insect screens?

The clutch is an optional device that slows down the winding of the fabric in the vertical insect screen box. This useful deceleration mechanism can increase the lifespan of a vertical insect screen because it reduces the stresses it is subjected to. The clutch cannot be installed on all mosquito nets and normally the manufacturer decides on a case-by-case basis.

The clutch is not mandatory but, when it can be installed, it is highly recommended by us especially for large mosquito nets. Furthermore, in the event that the mosquito net gets out of hand, the clutch prevents a rewinding that is too impetuous and prevents the handle bar, if present, from hitting the box of the mosquito net.

Vertical Mosquito Nets



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