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Nylon Pull Handles

Nylon Pull Handles for Doors

Tubular granule nylon pull handles for sale online

Tubular granulated nylon pull handles for internal and external doors for sale online at discounted prices. Discover many models of pba nylon pull handles of different sizes, shapes and colors in the Windowo shop.

Lightweight but resistant nylon door pull handles

The nylon pull handles are light but also extremely resistant to atmospheric agents and salt. This allows them to maintain their original appearance even after long use.

Thanks to the resistant colored nylon plastic, these objects are robust against the atmospheric conditions and salty humidity of marine areas.

You can mount pba pull handles both individually and in pairs on different materials such as metal, glass, wood or PVC. They are also remarkably light and easy to handle.

Nylon pull handles: the answers to the most common questions

What is a nylon door pull handle?
A nylon door pull handle is a type of handle or support bar used to open and close doors. It is made of nylon, a resistant and lightweight material.

What are the advantages of nylon pull handles compared to those made of other materials?
Nylon pull handles are lightweight, durable, economical and do not corrode. They are also easy to clean and available in different shapes and sizes.

Where are nylon pull handles commonly used?
Nylon pull handles are often used in environments such as hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools and public places due to their strength, durability and ease of maintenance.

How do you install a nylon pull handle on a door?
Installing a nylon pull handle varies depending on the model and type of door, but usually requires attaching supports or brackets to the door frame and then attaching the handle itself.

Are nylon pull handles available in different sizes?
Yes, nylon pull handles are available in different lengths and widths to suit different door needs and sizes.

What design options are available for nylon pull handles?
Nylon pull handles are available in various designs, including classic bar-shaped, "C"-shaped or ring-shaped ones. Some may also have non-slip or textured surfaces.

How to fix the nylon pull handle on the door?

The fixing pull handles kit can be included or purchased separately (it is specified in the descriptions in the individual product sheets).



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