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Mailboxes Online Sale Prices

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Mailboxes at the best prices

Windowo offers you high quality mailboxes , designed and manufactured with a strong attention to every detail.

The mailboxes that you find for sale online in our shop are produced with certified materials. Precisely for this reason the models are so elegant and practical.

What are mailboxes?

Most people would say that this is a simple accessory where the postman places correspondence. In reality, an apparently simple product must comply with construction standards to be considered compliant.

In fact, the security of privacy and the integrity of the documents answered inside depend on the mailboxes.

External mailboxes should:
  • be robust;
  • located in a place that is easily accessible to the postman;
  • of dimensions suitable for receiving any type of correspondence;
  • with a safety lock, generally with a key.

What are post office boxes?

In multi-family buildings, multi-building complexes and buildings used as company headquarters, letterboxes must be grouped into a single access point. Therefore, a single place must be identified to put the mailboxes.

Condominiums can decide to use a single block divided into individual boxes : the mailbox. The cost of the filing cabinet must be divided equally.

How are mailboxes made? What characteristics should they have?

The European standard called EN13724 draws up precisely what the construction standards of a mailbox should be.

We basically talk about 3 fundamental characteristics:
  1. Dimensions : the minimum measurements refer to the EN C4 format which are 229 x 324 mm;
  2. Anti-withdrawal : the boxes must be equipped with an anti-withdrawal device that prevents the extraction of the mail from the introduction compartment by unauthorized persons;
  3. Robustness : The mailbox must be weather resistant.

Where to buy outdoor mailboxes?

Mailboxes can be bought at a list price in physical stores, such as general hardware stores or malls. Or you can buy your mailbox at an online store.

On Windowo you will find many models of mailboxes for sale online at discounted prices .

Just select a product sheet and customize the model: you will immediately discover the discounted offer reserved for you. Convenient, isn't it?

Where to place outdoor mailboxes?

Have you ever wondered where to put a mailbox? Mailbox placement has its own rules. First of all, at every domicile, in short, every place inhabited or lived for work reasons (for example not simple boxes) must have a reference mailbox.

The art. 45 of the Ministerial Decree of 9 April 2001 specifies that for the distribution of simple items, boxes accessible to the postman must be installed, at the expense of those who place them. The name of the holder or of the person using it must be indicated.

The art. 46 of the decree, which deals with regulating the location, states that the boxes must be placed at the edge of the property , on the public road or in any case in a freely accessible place, subject to special agreements with the distribution post office.

Where should the mailboxes be placed?

As already mentioned, the decree of 9 April 2001 called "Approval of the general conditions of the postal service" defined that the boxes should be placed on the border of the property , on the public road or in any case in a freely accessible place (unless special agreements with the relevant post office).

Therefore, the tapes should not be in the building if it involves the need to ring the bell to gain access.

Mailboxes in apartment buildings: where should they be inserted?

In the case of condominiums, the most freely accessible place from the street is, inevitably, the common area .

The mailboxes inserted inside the condominium entrance halls (and protected from bad weather and acts of vandalism) are unfortunately usually not considered freely accessible. All this unless agreements reached directly with the post office that deals with mail delivery.

It would be advisable for the condominium administrator to coordinate the assembly in identifying the right condominium space where to insert the mailboxes. A place that is accessible and respectful of the architectural decor.

Who pays for the mailboxes?

Who has to pay for external or internal mailboxes? According to article 1576 of the Civil Code, the costs of replacing a post office box are borne by the owner of the real estate unit .

Mailbox sales: prices and best offers

Have you decided to buy tailor-made mailboxes? The best place to do this is the Windowo online store.

Mailboxes prices: discover the best online offers and choose from many models made in Italy.

The sub-categories that you can find within this category are:
  • Outdoor Mailboxes : the best models designed to be placed outside buildings;
  • Indoor Mailboxes: discover a wide selection of mailboxes for home interiors and condominiums;
  • Condominium mailboxes and mailboxes: in this category you will find the mailboxes for condominiums;
  • Wooden Mailboxes: combine classic elegance, best materials and functionality;
  • Letterbox plaques : discover the different letterboxes in various materials and finishes;
  • Storage lockers : modular cabinets made to measure for storing small objects;
  • Notice boards: notice boards, for pharmacies, key rings and much more.

Quality letterboxes designed to last

On Windowo letterboxes are available with customizable solutions for public and private buildings, even custom-made.

If you do not find the external or internal mailboxes you are looking for, you can contact us: our staff is at your disposal.

Mailboxes Online Sale Prices



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