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Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance of Mosquito Nets

Cleaning and maintenance of mosquito nets: what are the best products?

How to clean the mosquito net? In this Windowo category you can buy online the best accessories and kits for the maintenance and cleaning of your mosquito nets.

Products for cleaning and maintenance of mosquito nets

Discover the best products for cleaning and maintenance of mosquito nets. Unfortunately, the mosquito nets installed in the house tend to accumulate dirt over time. Regularly cleaning your mosquito nets allows you to make the most of an airy space free of bugs and pollen. Furthermore, if you take care of the mosquito nets, they will last longer over time.

How to clean mosquito nets professionally?

So the fateful question is: how to clean the mosquito nets? The most correct way to do this is to use professional cleaning products specifically designed for this purpose by the best mosquito net manufacturers on the market.

For this reason, in the Windowo shop we offer you only the best accessories for cleaning and maintaining your mosquito net.

How to clean the mosquito nets on French windows and balconies?

To clean the mosquito nets on French windows, balconies or terraces, we advise you to avoid disassembling the mosquito net from its masonry compartment. If you use a sponge moistened with soap and water or a brush, you can clean the horizontal mosquito net without dirtying the house with detergents. Our advice is to put a few sheets of newspaper on the floor during the cleaning process.

You may decide to disassemble the sliding mosquito net to clean even more thoroughly. In this case you can vaporize or pour the soap and water mixture directly onto the net. Finally, rinse with a direct jet and let the mesh dry. Then use a cloth to remove any residual moisture.

Mosquito nets on the windows: discover the cleaning kits

To properly clean insect screens for vertical sliding windows, you need to carefully take into account the characteristics of the model you are dealing with. For example, the mosquito nets for windows you want to sanitize can be with a spring movement, with a chain or pleated.

Thanks to the Windowo kits for cleaning and maintenance of mosquito nets, you will be able to properly clean the net of any type of mosquito net on the windows of your home. This daily sanitization operation is really important to avoid the accumulation of dust in the mosquito nets.

If you still have doubts about how to clean mosquito nets, you can read Windowo's guide on cleaning dirty mosquito nets directly on our blog.

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