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Are you looking for floor safes? Discover the best models on sale online on Windowo. Low prices for underground safes. Buy at reduced costs, without sacrificing high quality.

Floor safes for sale online

A floor safe (also called an underground safe ) is designed to be hidden in the floor and installed in concrete. The only thing exposed is the safe door.

Floor safes are an excellent solution for those who need a retractable security system but cannot install wall safes.

This type of safes also called underground safes are designed to be hidden in the floor and installed in the concrete of the screed.

They are a type of safe that respond very well to the needs of companies, businesses and shops, but which also lend themselves well to domestic needs, if the thickness of the wall does not allow the installation of a wall safe.

How much does a floor safe cost? Prices and costs

For the Windowo online shop we have selected the floor safes produced by Bordogna Casseforti, a leading company in the production of these security systems, all certified products with Made in Italy design.

Windowo has selected EN 1300 class A certified underground safes with key lock and electronic lock for online sale.

Find out the price of the floor safe now. Just select the variant you want and our configurator will immediately calculate the cost.

Floor Safes



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