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Door closers for sale online: overhead, floor and retractable models

On Windowo you can find a wide selection of the best door closer models for sale online . Among the different types, we deal with overhead door closers, floor door closers and versions with a discreet concealed design.

These latches are easy to install and use. In addition, the door closers are equipped with valves through which the closing force of the door can be adjusted.

What is a door closer?

Door closers are devices that allow doors to be closed securely. They are essential when it is necessary to ensure, always or in the event of a fire, a controlled closure . In fact the main purpose of a door closer is to regulate the closing of the door.

A common door closer is composed of several parts that can vary depending on the model: a die-cast aluminum housing, the spring, the piston, the adjusting screws (commonly called valves), the gears, the needle bearing, a rubber seal and finally the latches.

Door closer spring: the mechanism for adjusting the closing of the door

The door closer mechanism is based on the spring of the door closer itself which, when the door is opened, is squeezed. As the spring is squeezed it accumulates the energy needed to close the door when needed. Gears and ribs move the piston, while the oil flows through the internal channels in the free part of the door closer body. During the return phase of the spring, the spring straightens and the door closes softly.

Door closer adjustment: our advice

Adjusting a door closer is a relatively simple process and can be safely done by hand. Adjustment of the door closer should be done 1-2 times a year, based on the number of uses per day. It may be necessary to perform an extraordinary adjustment even in the event of small malfunctions, especially during the change of season. In fact, in summer and winter the climatic conditions change and therefore also the state of the oil inside the door closer.

The adjustment of a door closer must be carried out according to the type of door closer itself. In fact, there are overhead door closers on the market that work on the upper part of the door and floor door closers that block the lower part of the entrance.

To adjust an overhead door closer (located at the top of the door) we recommend that you correctly adjust the different screws and valves located on the housing panel. Overhead door closers are mounted at the top of the sash, so it shouldn't be too difficult to make these adjustments.

The adjustment of the floor door closers , almost invisible to visitors, takes place by applying regulating mechanisms.

How to decrease the closing force of the door closer?

After installing a door closer it may be necessary to make a further additional adjustment. This is to avoid making an effort when opening the door. Just release the valve slightly to allow for easier movement.

This valve can be positioned at the end or on the front side of the door closer, depending on the model. To understand without any doubt where it is, just look at the door closer reference manual where the manufacturer clearly indicates all the positions of the components and elements of the closing mechanism.

How to leave the door closer in the open position?

Sometimes it can be useful to leave the door in the open position . The door closer must therefore be adjusted to the open position, to be maintained for a long period. In some door closer models there is a special function to keep it open: to activate this mode, the door must be opened by about 90 degrees and then the appropriate lock must be closed. After these simple operations, the door leaf can be left open to the adjusted degree.

When you want to close the locked door, you just have to pull it towards you, deactivating the door closer lock. The door will move normally, closing without stopping.

Advice on the use of door closers

Here are our recommendations on the use of door closers for sale online on Windowo:
  • avoids sudden movements in the movement of the door as much as possible, maintaining a normal opening and closing speed of the door;
  • remember that in different models you can increase or decrease the reaction speed of the door closer, by turning the valve clockwise or in the opposite direction;
  • if you turn the adjusting nut you can make corrections to the spring tension of the door closer;
  • through the valve you can change the opening angle of the door to open easily and smoothly.

The door closer models: overhead, floor, concealed

We at Windowo offer you a wide range of door closer systems including:
  • Aircraft door closers: discover a wide range of door closers installed on the upper part of the door;
  • Floor door closers: many door closers with a concealed design, to be installed in a floor niche.

The best door closers for easy and safe access

The door closers we offer offer high-performance and versatile solutions for every installation need and always easy door opening for the elderly and children. These devices are the perfect solution for adjusting the silent closing of the door and avoid any type of collision between door and frame.

Door closers MAB, Geze, Speedy and many other professional brands

We are proud of the door closer brands we sell online on Windowo. They are all renowned manufacturers in the professional door closers sector. We are sure that you will be comfortable in the daily use of these closing adjustment mechanisms.



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