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Electronic People Counter for Shop

contapersone elettronico

Electronic people counter for attendance control

The electric people counter is a device that allows you to measure the passage of people through an access control gate (for example, customers entering and leaving a shop or bar, or employees passing along a corridor).

The measurement of attendance is a fundamental parameter for carrying out analyzes on the effectiveness of an action, on the progress of an activity or on the operational choices to be made.

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The applications of the people counter are numerous in different sectors, to list just a few: in shops and commercial chains (usually to evaluate the conversion ratio by comparing the count of receipts with the number of customers / visitors), in cleaning and control activities ( which depend on the number of people accessing a certain space) and in situations related to urban planning (for real-time evaluation of the usability of the passages).

There are different types of people counters for shops such as, for example, people counters with traffic lights that allow you to immediately highlight the level of occupancy of a specific room.



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