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Anti-intrusion Bars

Anti-intrusion bars for doors, windows and shutters

Anti-intrusion bars for doors, windows and shutters for sale

Anti-intrusion bars for doors, windows and shutters are security devices that can help protect your home from theft . Our bars are made from durable material and designed to make it difficult for thieves to force open doors and windows.

Anti-intrusion bars for doors, windows and shutters

Unfortunately, data in hand, the statistics indicate that thefts from homes are increasingly frequent. Thieves often penetrate silently by forcing the most critical points, normally doors and windows, from the outside.

Are you looking for a simple but effective solution to increase the security of your home? We at the Windowo online store are now experts in anti-intrusion bars or anti- burglary bars for doors, windows, shutters and shutters.  In fact, we have been selling these popular products online for several years now.

What are the anti-intrusion bars? And what are the advantages of using them?

The anti-intrusion bars are steel bars that are anchored to the wall with specific fixing systems, in order to transform everything into a single piece. These bars prevent doors and windows from being opened from the outside.

Specifically, the anti-intrusion bars, anchoring themselves to the walls or the floor, have the function of:

  • reinforce a lock, doubling the difficulty necessary for breaking in;
  • increase the locking points of the lock;
  • allow the door to remain in its correct position (even in case of unhinging and intrusion).

We also point out that the bars are not subject to technological aging and can be mounted without particular problems on different types of materials (aluminum, PVC or wood).

The best bars to make your home safe from thieves

So, as we have seen, the main objective of anti-intrusion bars is to increase security, acting as a deterrent against break- in attempts against the entrances of our homes. Basically they go to "armor" doors and windows, in order to increase the resistance to burglary.

We can assure you that the anti-burglary products that are on sale on the market are so many and different from each other. So you might ask yourself: how did we find better ones? Here are the features we took into consideration to select the best anti-intrusion bars:

  • Functionality, i.e. the ability to increase resistance to break-in attempts;
  • Ease of installation, i.e. how long it takes to mount the bar;
  • Excellent quality/price ratio, not to give up on economic convenience.

What are the best intrusion bars?

Being the areas most subject to the risk of burglary, the first interventions to increase the security of a home should always focus on the external frames. These in fact are clearly visible and represent our first "business card" for the bad guys. Hence the need to think first of the "armor" of the fixtures: it is an investment that will always be repaid.

What type of anti-intrusion bar do we recommend? In our opinion, the easiest and most functional bar to assemble is undoubtedly the horizontal one (with respect to the floor) and in the center of the door. Thus it will be rigorously anchored to the wall at both ends, creating a real central lever point. This is why we offer it to you as a first choice.

In addition to the simple installation, the horizontal bar demonstrates and guarantees great effectiveness and a very good level of security, preventing theft and break-ins. But what are the best-selling horizontal bar models on Windowo? Here they are below.

1 - Blindy: extra strong, extensible and with various options

Blindy Burglar-proof Bar

Blindy is perhaps the most famous burglar-proof bar for shutters and shutters. Blindy is extensible and available in three different length versions, according to your safety needs.

The use of the bar can be improved by a series of accessories that can be purchased separately: the safety bolts, the Blindy Key knob, the practical Blindy Park system that allows you to park the bar by turning it 90 ° ... and many other options you can find for sale on Windowo.

If you wish, you can immediately go to the Blindy bar tab by clicking here. You will be able to see all the technical features and decide to buy it at a discounted price.

2 - Giroblock: telescopic anti-burglary bar to armor doors and windows

Giroblock anti-burglary bar for windows

Another product that we strongly recommend is the Giroblock bar, consisting of a telescopic steel tube.

Once Giroblock is inserted into the metal brackets on the shutters or shutters, and stretched into the housings applied to the wall, it does not allow opening from the outside. It also comes with a safety key.

If you want to see our offer on Giroblock immediately click here.

Online sale of anti-intrusion bars: here are prices and offers

The prices of the anti-intrusion bars vary by model, by location and by the difficulty of the installation. Usually the average person is satisfied with the first anti-intrusion bar they usually see from a generic hardware store.

Windowo is the first online store specializing in accessories and components for doors and windows. Here on Windowo you can buy the best anti-intrusion bars online with the relative accessories. All at a very affordable price: so you can secure a professional product on offer.

What are you waiting for? Start looking for your new anti-intrusion bar immediately and immediately increase the security of your home with a simple and effective solution.



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