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Mosquito Nets Made to Measure

Mosquito Nets Made to Measure


Mosquito nets made to measure for sale online at low prices

Are you looking for customized mosquito nets ? In the Windowo shop you can find the best online mosquito nets for sale, made by the most famous companies in the sector such as Bettio, Zanzar Sistem and Effe. We treat by choice only manufacturers of reliable mosquito nets that have been making innovative and professional solutions for years. We do it because only in this way can we be sure that you will not have problems and you will be satisfied with your purchase.

As you can see, we really sell many different models. Once you have found the mosquito net you want, you can enter the base and height measurements directly in the product sheet. The configurator will immediately calculate the price. Convenient, isn't it?

Our bespoke mosquito nets are created with elegant and durable materials . While the annoying mosquitoes are left out, you can enjoy the beautiful summer days in peace.

Mosquito nets for doors and windows: an ecological solution

The mosquito net is the only way to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house. The mosquito net does not make any victims and protects against the hated mosquitoes in an ecological way.

Ecological mosquito nets? Yes, and for two reasons:
  • you will not have to use chemical repellents all the time;
  • the companies we deal with produce with environmentally friendly materials and processes. For example, Bettio mosquito nets are 90% recyclable.
In addition to being a barrier for mosquitoes, with the mosquito net you can keep doors and windows open and circulate the air in the house. This way you can reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the rooms. So what? You may not know it, but carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes: think that they can perceive it even at 164 meters away. What a nose!

How to measure mosquito nets?

The ones you buy on Windowo are custom made mosquito nets for doors and windows. This is why taking measurements is perhaps the most delicate part of the whole process. Anyone can do it because you don't need any particular manual skills.

Before buying a mosquito net online you will need to indicate the measurements in millimeters of base and height, specifying whether the measurement you indicate is finished or empty:
  • Finished size (i.e. the exact size of the hole): the mosquito net will be supplied with the same measures ordered ;
  • Compartment size: the mosquito net will be supplied with 2-3 mm less base and height. This is the system we recommend since it is the manufacturer himself who pulls away the space he deems most appropriate.

Keep in mind our golden rule: if the mosquito net is too big in relation to the compartment it will be unusable. Unfortunately the only solution will be to do it again. So when you take the measurements remember to always provide us with the smallest measurements if in doubt.

If you want to know more, we recommend reading the article: "How to measure mosquito nets".

How cluttered is a mosquito net?

The size of the box defines how much space a mosquito net occupies. The box is the part that is normally placed on the ceiling of the compartment. Normally this measure is indicated on the product sheet. However, if you have any doubts about this, you can contact us.

What are the finishes of the mosquito nets?

It depends: each brand has its own finishes to choose from. For example, the Bettio brand mosquito nets are available in various finishes, from lighter painted colors such as ivory and white, to more classic colors such as green and brown. There are also special film finishes to create a wood effect. In this way you can match the most suitable finish to the colors of the doors, windows and furnishings of the spaces where the mosquito nets will be inserted.

How to assemble the mosquito nets purchased online?

The mosquito nets sold on Windowo come with assembly instructions and are easy to assemble. It does not matter whether you need to install a mosquito net on a door, on a window, on a French window or on a balcony: several explanatory videos are available for each type of installation.

Curiosity about assembly: to install the mosquito net in the case of skirting boards or skirting boards, we recommend that you remove all obstacles, install the mosquito net, cut the skirting board to size and glue it again.

How much does a custom made mosquito net cost?

The prices of mosquito nets for doors and windows change according to a whole series of different characteristics: from the quantity to the size of the fixtures, from the design to the shape, passing through the type of mosquito net. Of course, buying online has great benefits. In fact, you can buy wherever you are and at any time. Furthermore, the price of mosquito nets, not taking into account labor, is extremely advantageous compared to that of physical stores.

Order what you want without worrying: if you have any doubts you can take advantage of the many customer reviews present under each product. The feedbacks and experiences of other users allow you to peacefully find the mosquito net offers.

Customized mosquito nets discount codes: Windowo coupons

The price of customized mosquito nets is also influenced by the presence of discount codes that can be applied on the mosquito nets for sale online on Windowo. To activate a coupon, just enter the correct code during the order phase.

Windowo discount codes all have a certain duration and may also be subject to other limitations such as minimum quantities or be applicable only to specific product categories.

Are custom-made mosquito nets included in the tax deduction?

Unfortunately, mosquito nets for doors and windows are not included in the tax deduction with ENEA. This is because to re-enter they should be considered to all intents and purposes a solar shading and therefore respond to relative parameters, including a Gtot value in class 2, 3 or 4.

However, it is possible to make a 50% tax deduction for building renovation or reduced VAT . If you can use it, we will ask you to fill in a self-declaration when placing your order. Then we will provide you with the invoice to make the transfer with reduced VAT.

Online insect screen delivery times: how long will I have to wait?

Being made to measure products, the mosquito nets ordered online cannot be ready immediately. The mosquito nets on offer must be produced according to the characteristics and dimensions you decide. Keep in mind that you will have to wait about 5-7 working days.

How are insect screens for doors and windows shipped?

We at Windowo ship our products by express courier. When we ship your order we will send you an email to notify you of the shipment. Usually the mosquito nets are delivered by the courier in one working day for Italy and in two working days for the major islands.

What should I do if the mosquito net package is damaged?

We ship each mosquito net to measure by packing it to protect it from any bumps during transport. However, for any eventuality, the shipment is insured : the only thing that needs to be done is to always check the packaging when the mosquito nets are delivered to you.

In the event of damage by the courier or in the presence of a conveyor belt, you just have to accept with specific reservation (i.e. justify the cause by indicating the damage itself) or, if necessary, refuse the package. This can happen for example if the package is wet, has dents or alterations of various kinds. We will take care of fixing the problem and getting you a perfect mosquito net.

Are Windowo's online mosquito nets with the CE mark?

The mosquito nets for doors and windows that you find for sale in the Windowo online store are all compliant with the UNI EN 13561: 2009 CPR 305/2011 / EEC standard, certification system 4; these custom-made mosquito nets are products intended for use in civil and commercial construction.

The CE conformity mark is the acronym of European Community and indicates the conformity of the article to the applicable EU directives and related technical specifications, especially with reference to the essential safety requirements. Being products bearing the CE mark, these custom-made mosquito nets have a unitary marking at European level and are authorized to circulate freely in all countries of the European community.

Find your new mosquito net online on Windowo

Open your window! Thanks to the mosquito nets installed on doors and windows, even flies, bedbugs, spiders and many other insects remain outside the house which, even without biting us, do not cheer us up. Furthermore, a good mosquito net saves energy by limiting the use of air treatment systems, such as air conditioners. An advantage for the environment, for health and also an economic benefit!

Buying a mosquito net online on Windowo is very simple. Search for the model you want by choosing from:
  • Horizontal Fly Screens: these are horizontal sliding side screens, ideal for French windows or balconies.
  • Vertical Fly Screens: these are models of mosquito nets designed specifically for windows and shutters.

Manufacturers of customized mosquito nets: which are the best brands?

It has been several years since we started selling mosquito nets online. Over time we have increasingly appreciated the qualities of certain Italian companies in the world of mosquito nets and we have done what we could to establish business relationships with the best.

This is why we are very proud of the brands we deal with on our portal: our manufacturers of offered mosquito nets are truly renowned in the sector. In short, the quality of custom-made mosquito nets is ensured precisely because they are produced by true professionals.

Bettio branded mosquito nets

We have been dealing with Bettio mosquito nets years and we know how reliable they can be.

The mosquito nets offered are known for the innovations made in the sector, such as the new Estetika mosquito net resistant to bugs. Estetika was designed with the aim of eliminating all possible ways of introduction, leaving the bugs outside the mosquito net.

Customized mosquito nets branded Zanzar Sistem

Zanzar Sistem is a well-known Italian company that produces mosquito nets in 5 factories scattered throughout the peninsula. Zanzar offers standard or pleated mesh models.

Effe brand customized mosquito nets

The Effe company produces quality mosquito nets at very competitive prices. It creates customizable products, with different types of mesh and a wide choice of colors to choose from.

What are the best-selling custom-made mosquito nets on Windowo?

Which are the mosquito nets most appreciated by Windowo customers? If you are interested in knowing which is the best-selling custom-made mosquito net model online in the Windowo shop, we must distinguish between horizontal sliding mosquito nets for French windows and balconies and vertical mosquito nets for windows.

Best custom made mosquito net for patio doors and balconies

The best-selling horizontal sliding insect screen model for French windows is the Miniscenica Evo Bettio insect screen. It is a unique mosquito net because it has no floor space as it is supported by a track that allows it to slide as if it were the retractable sliding door of a bathroom.

The main advantage of a Scenica insect screen is that it does not always have to return to the starting or closed position. In fact, it can be released at any point because it knows how to stand alone.

Miniscenica Evo is a mosquito net recommended in particular for families with children or for people with movement difficulties. "Evo" stands for "evolved" model, with improved technical and aesthetic characteristics and the possibility of being installed by gluing it only with the double-sided adhesive supplied.

What is the best custom-made insect screen for windows?

Among the mosquito nets for windows, the most sold on Windowo is the Rosy Bettio model. This article has managed to stand out from its competitors for the completeness of the features it offers. It is a mosquito net that has a wide range of advantages as standard that for other models are optional to be paid for separately. We are talking about friction spring, clik-clak® system, covers and telescopic guides.

Rosy is the mosquito net that we recommend when there are irregular walls, especially when there is a difference of more than 6/7 mm between one side and the other. The downside is a higher price than the average of other window screens. This is why we do not recommend it in the case of occasional use.

Spare parts for mosquito nets online: where to find them?

Have you already purchased a custom-made mosquito net in the Windowo online store some time ago and you need a spare part? No drama: those who buy on Windowo will immediately find the roller mosquito nets spare parts. This way you can increase the lifespan of your fly screen, while saving on the cost of a new fly screen.

In fact, we can ask the manufacturers of mosquito nets that we treat the spare parts that are needed in case of breakage. But be careful: we can do it only for those who bought the mosquito net on Windowo. So you won't have to completely redo the mosquito net on the door or window.

Broken mosquito net? Fixing it is easy with Windowo

Did an inattentive guest break through the mosquito net at the entrance to the door with his foot? Did the cat play a nasty trick by scratching and tearing the mosquito net on the window? If you had bought on Windowo it is not a problem. Just contact our mosquito net sales customer service and tell us when you bought the mosquito net with the torn net. We will take care of sending you a spare roll for the net as soon as possible. This way you can fix the damage in the most economical way.

It may seem trivial to you but it is not so easy to find the mosquito net for repairs in case of tears. In fact, few online stores or physical retailers offer this type of service. As for spare parts, we warn you that we can only supply rolls of net for repairs to customers who have bought on Windowo.

In summary, if you buy a mosquito net on Windowo you not only get quality products at an affordable price ... but you can also be sure that in case of problems you can have the replacement accessories you may need in the future. One more reason to order your new customized mosquito net online with Windowo.

Repair customized mosquito nets directly from the manufacturer

If you are not able to fix the mosquito net you bought online on Windowo by yourself, you can take it apart and send it back to us. We will take care of dealing with the manufacturer to ask for repairs at the lowest possible price. We are sure it will cost you much less to do it completely new.

How to clean mosquito nets on doors and windows?

You should also be interested in how to properly clean the mosquito nets you have purchased. In fact, to fully enjoy your comfort space without insects and dust, you need to regularly clean the mosquito nets that protect the passages from doors and windows.

Within Windowo we have a category dedicated to cleaning mosquito nets where you can find everything you need to keep your mosquito nets on doors and windows at their best. Thanks to these products you can transform a dirty mosquito net into a properly sanitized protection in an instant.

Online purchase guide for customized mosquito nets

Mosquito nets sale: do you still have doubts? Read the article on our blog: "Guide to buying mosquito nets". In this guide we go through each step to help you in your purchase of custom-made mosquito nets.



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