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Hinges for Doors and Wardrobes

Hinges for doors for sale online at the best prices

In the world of furniture and furnishings, hinges for doors are fundamental elements for doors, wardrobes and any piece of furniture with doors. Our selection of door hinges combines quality and design, ensuring maximum functionality for every type of furniture. Choose from a wide variety of models, find out how to easily assemble them and take advantage of our special offers to buy online at advantageous prices.

Hinges for doors: buy the best in the Windowo shop

Hinges for doors are a simple but ingenious system for closing and opening them. Furthermore, in the event of breakage, they can be easily replaced.

The opening mechanisms of door hinges range from the simplest, which provide a 90° rotation, to the complex ones which operate an outward translation allowing the door to open by almost 180°.

What are the types of door hinges?

A small object can be really useful. This is the case of door hinges, which allow doors and doors to open and close easily.

There are many types of hinges, depending on the various needs of use. For example, there are male, book, invisible, compass, biscuit, spring, Bommer, stainless steel or brass hinges.

Here are the different types of door hinges that you can find for sale on Windowo:
  • Hinges for aluminum: ideal for aluminum doors and windows, these hinges combine lightness and resistance, ensuring smooth and long-lasting opening and closing;
  • Iron hinges: sturdy and reliable, our iron hinges are the perfect choice for heavy-duty applications, offering maximum strength and support;
  • Hinges for wood: designed specifically for wooden windows and doors, these hinges integrate perfectly with the natural aesthetics of the wood, ensuring functionality and elegance;
  • Hinges for shutters: shutter hinges are created to resist atmospheric agents and ensure smooth movement of shutters, adding security and style to your home;
  • Hinges for furniture: versatile and discreet, our furniture hinges are ideal for cabinets, drawers and other interior furniture, offering quiet, smooth opening and closing
  • Spring hinges: with an automatic return mechanism, spring hinges are perfect for doors that require automatic closing, ensuring convenience and efficiency;
  • Double action hinges: designed to allow doors to open in both directions, these hinges are ideal for high-traffic environments, offering versatility, convenience, and a smooth transition from room to room.

How to choose hinges for doors?

It is not always easy to choose from the countless doors with hinges available in the hardware department.

To choose the right door hinge it is good to take into consideration a whole series of variables. Here are some criteria to help you:
  • Support: determines the fixing of the door hinge. On wood or concrete, you should choose a screw-in door hinge. On metal, it is better to opt for welded hinges;
  • Fixing location (internal or external): there are various hinges for multipurpose doors, but for outdoor use we recommend stainless steel;
  • Mechanical properties: Consider the weight of the part to be hinged and the capabilities of the hinge. For example, brass furniture hinges do not support the load of a door;
  • Type of installation (application): the best known are cup-shaped door hinges, used in carpentry and for furniture delivered in kits.

How to install door hinges?

The hinges for wooden doors are fixed by making a small hole in the material with the chisel which will serve to support the first flap. Then you need to mark the holes to be applied and do the same thing in the second door.

Hinges low prices and advantageous offers

Price hinges: discover Windowo's unmissable offers. Select the hinge model you want and proceed with the order.

You will receive the hinge model you need directly at home or in an office in just a few simple clicks. So replacing old broken hinges will be child's play.

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