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Draft Excluders for Doors, Brushes and Insulations

Draft excluders for doors, brushes and insulation online shop

Discover a wide selection of draft excluders for doors and windows, brushes, insulation, thresholds, draft excluders and sills to prevent heat loss. In the Windowo online store you can find the best draft excluders for doors at discounted prices. We offer you several perfect solutions for a large variety of types of fastening.

Draft excluders for doors: what are they?

The door draft excluder is a device that with the passage of time becomes indispensable in the home.

The main objective of these systems, when closing the doors, is to block the passage of cold, dust and noise , so that they do not invade our spaces through the cracks in the door.

These small draft excluders for doors, usually equipped with a brush, are the first line in the defense of the well -being of a home.

For example, if you buy a draft excluder with low characteristics you could even compromise the functionality of an excellent security door.

What are the materials with which the draft excluders are made?

Since the door can be closed and opened several times a day, the material of the door draft excluder must be able to withstand wear.

For this reason, one of the most important characteristics of a draft excluder for doors is the material .

For automatic draft excluders the reference material is aluminum , while for those that are fixedly mounted there is a wider choice. In all cases it is important to choose a waterproof material that does not deform quickly.

A little curiosity: did you know that once the draft excluders models were made of sponge? A very economical solution ... but unfortunately over time the sponge lost its ability to insulate and became stiff.

What are the advantages of design draft excluders?

The door draft excluders for sale online on Windowo have three main advantages:
  1. they allow thermal insulation by blocking cold and wind;
  2. they promote sound insulation by reducing noise;
  3. they are a defense against dust, dirt, mosquitoes and insects in general.

The first thing you will notice when installing an anti-draft threshold for a security door or any external door will be an increase in the energy saving of the building.

The decrease in expenses will be the result of greater thermal insulation inside your home. This will allow you to spend less on electricity consumption, without sacrificing the comfort of a warm home.

Not only that: this advantage is useful at any time of the year, and not only in the coldest season.

In fact, during the cold months the threshold for doors protects your home from cold and wind, while in the warmer periods the draft excluder continues to isolate the house, favoring the work of your air conditioner. This will make it easier for you to keep a cool and pleasant temperature. The result will be savings in the operation of the air conditioning system.

The second benefit is that the draft excluders for armored entrance doors also have a small function of acoustic insulation . These accessories in fact decrease the annoying sounds coming from noisy neighbors or from the condominium.

The third strong point of the design draft excluders you find on Windowo is that they are also a protective barrier against dust and dirt and help to defend themselves in case of water or fire.

Not only that: by fixing a guillotine to the security door you also have a functional barrier against mosquitoes and other annoying insects eager to enter the house.

Do-it-yourself armored door draft excluders: which are the best models?

But what are the best draft excluders for armored doors ? Here are the thresholds for doors selected by Windowo to keep the cold away from the house.

We will find the do-it-yourself models that best suit your entrance door: brush draft excluders, automatic and shortenable models made to measure for external doors or windows.

How do automatic draft excluders for armored doors work?

Thanks to various positive feedback received over the years we have been able to ascertain that our armored side draft excluders that have an automated mechanism are particularly appreciated by customers. This is because, at the same time as the door is closed, they drop the rubber seal.

This tire generally has a triangular section with the vertex pointing downwards and continues its guided movement automatically until it touches the ground. Then the same mechanism, moved by a button positioned between the door and the jamb leaf, lifts the gasket when the door is in the opening phase. This system allows not to create friction with the floor.

The automatic lifting and lowering mechanism of the gasket that we have just described has evolved more and more over time. To date, it is certainly the best draft excluder for armored doors . Due to the movement of the seal it is called a " door guillotine ".

In the most modern versions, the gaskets are made of silicones and extruded rubbers with excellent acoustic resistance and excellent resistance to fire, and allow to reach truly remarkable levels of performance in terms of energy saving and thermal insulation.

How much do draft excluders cost for exterior doors? Here are the prices

The cost of an external door draft excluder can vary depending on whether it is a fixed or automatic model. The prices of a good quality fixed draft excluder are around 5-15 euros. For automatic draft excluders, on the other hand, there is a price range from 15 to 30 euros.

If you do a little research online you can immediately see what the draft excluders prices that we offer are competitive on Windowo. Obviously we remind you to compare our prices with those of products of the same quality.

On the market there are various types of draft excluders for sale such as: draft excluders for armored doors , from simple adhesive tapes to be applied to the base of the doors to brushes with soft and flexible bristles. Unfortunately, many of these models do not offer exceptional performance, or at least comparable to that of our draft excluders.

Door draft excluder Comaglio brand for sale online

Speaking of quality draft excluders, we at the Windowo shop, after various researches, found a great manufacturer that we trust 100%: the Comaglio company. We are sure of the quality and reliability of the items made by this brand.

The Comaglio manufacturing company has in fact patented an automatic system for draft excluders which, when the doors are closed, blocks the possibility of cold, dust and noise from entering the environments where we live.

Do-it-yourself draft excluders Comaglio Comax series can be shortened to measure

On Windowo you can find many door anti-drafts for sale. For example, the Comax Comaglio series consists of articles designed for do-it-yourself. We recommend this selection of draft-proof thresholds for various reasons including functionality guaranteed by patented mechanisms and maximum attention to aesthetic details. This is a series of door draft excluders perfect for armored doors.

The great advantage of this series of do-it-yourself draft excluders is that they can be shortened up to 10cm , allowing you to make the perfect DIY thresholds and the size you need.

We also recommend that you watch our video on door draft excluders that you can find on YouTube.

If you have any doubts or for any clarification regarding door drafts and the world of thresholds and house insulation, we are at your complete disposal.

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