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Escutcheons, Latches and Spare Parts for Handles

Escutcheons and keyhole covers: shop of spare parts for handles

Discover a wide range of nozzles and latches in aluminium, steel, nylon and brass. Order your spare technical accessories for handles online at discounted prices on Windowo.

Escutcheons, latches, accessories and spare parts for handles for sale online

Discover a wide choice of replacement accessories for door handles on rose at discounted prices. Within this category you can purchase nozzles, latches, pictograms for nozzles and all those little pieces that make up the handles and which are so difficult to find on sale separately from the handles themselves.

This way you won't have to replace the entire handle, as you have the option to purchase the correct spare part online here.

Bocchette, nottolini, accessori e ricambi per maniglie


What is a handle escutcheon?

This is the part under the handle that covers the hole at the entrance of the door cylinder . The hole drilling can be patent, usually for internal doors, or yale (also called "death's head" due to its vague resemblance to a skull) normally in the case of external or antique doors. You can choose the correct drilling when ordering in the Windowo shop.

The escutcheon of a handle on a rosette is separate from the part that contains the grip (otherwise it would be a handle on a plate).

What is the free occupied toilet handle latch?

The toilet latch is a nozzle specially designed to be placed on a bathroom door . When the bathroom is occupied, the user rotates the free occupied latch horizontally indicating his presence and blocking the door itself.

Then the person puts the door latch back vertically, which will mark free, and unlocks the internal door handle to exit the bathroom.



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