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Electric locks for doors: best prices online

Electric locks for doors: in this category we offer a wide choice of models for sale online. In our selection of electric door locks you will discover the most advanced technology to guarantee maximum security for your home or office. Search on Windowo, quickly and easily, for the electric armored door lock best suited to your needs.

Electric locks prices and offers: discover the best models

The electric door locks sold online on Windowo are made by the most famous brands in the lock sector.

An electric lock is equipped with a push-button system that allows it to be opened in the simplest models, while the more advanced models can become real smart locks.

We open the doors to the latest technological advances in locks. Here we explore the world of electric locks, practical solutions for access control.

electric lock guide

Bye, bye dear old keys! In this category we find electric locks, devices that use various technologies to open and close doors. Why are they useful? First of all, they are practical and safe - they also eliminate the risk of duplication of keys by malicious people. Secondly , they are perfect for access control.

But which type to choose? In this article we will see how 4 types of electric locks work:
  • biometric recognition lock (with fingerprint);
  • Bluetooth lock, to open the door with your smartphone;
  • lock with numeric code , therefore with a keypad and a pin;
  • lock with reading of a badge.

Fingerprint lock: open the door with one finger

serratura con impronta digitale

To understand how this type of device works, let's take as an example a model that you can also find here on Windowo: the BIOSYS 1 fingerprint reader (you see it in the image above).

How to register fingerprints

Once the system has been installed, fingerprint registration occurs in three quick steps:
  • you pass a master card (a card) onto the reader which starts the process;
  • after which you pass a second card, the user card, onto the reader (10 are delivered together with the reader, and each corresponds to a different user);
  • finally register the fingerprint.

Electric armored door lock: how to enter the house?

After registering the various cards and fingerprints, to enter the house you need to swipe your registration card over the reader - which therefore has the function of an access badge - and then place your finger on the reader.

How secure is a fingerprint reader?

The system is completely safe because, as we know, each fingerprint is unique. Furthermore, BIOSYS 1 is also equipped with a sensor that detects any tampering. What if I want to remove access to a user? Simple: just cancel your registration card.

On Windowo you can find other electric locks with fingerprint: also look at the OPERA biometric readers.

Bluetooth lock: the keys... in the smartphone

serratura bluetooth

Are you the type of person who does everything on your smartphone? Well, I inform you that you can also use it to open the front door. We are talking about Bluetooth electric locks, perhaps the most futuristic of all. Also in this case, to make things easier, we refer to a specific product: the Libra Smart cylinder, one of the Iseo electric locks. Libra Smart works together with the Argo app, a master card (which you need for system initialization and subsequent access programming) and user cards.

After the initialization procedure with the master card, simply install the lock cylinder on the door in place of the mechanical one : it does not require any wiring and, as stated on the product technical data sheet, "it can be installed on every door and lock that is equipped with the predisposition for a European profile mechanical cylinder".

How the door opening works

Once the cylinder is installed, you can enable various devices for opening:
  • Smartphone or smartwatch;
  • Badges (the user cards I mentioned above) or tags (it's always good to have an alternative to opening with mobile devices, in case they turn off).
  • Opening and closing the door from the inside, however, is manual, using a knob.

How access is managed

The administrator can add and delete devices/users through the app and can also set time slots for each . This solution is very useful if you use your home as a B&B or make it available to occasional guests, or if you want to give temporary access to a friend or relative who needs to enter your home when you are not there. You can also send instructions via email to self-register your smartphone and use it as an access key.

Ah, you also have the possibility to view a history of the last 1,000 accesses.

Also take a look at the access control system via MA1A Smart ISEO.

Code lock: security in numbers

serratura con codice

Code locks are the third type of electric lock we will talk about (code door opening). These are numeric keypads that register one or more PINs and which, depending on the model, can be used with the PIN, with a transponder or with both .

The keypads are often backlit, to make it easier to enter the PIN even in conditions of poor visibility, and they emit sounds to provide acoustic feedback. Small details that improve the user experience.

Would you like to know more? Discover the locks with numeric code that can be purchased on Windowo.

And now, let's move on to the fourth and final type of lock.

Lock with badge: a simple gesture and voilà

serratura con badge

Badge locks are perhaps the ones we are most used to, since almost all hotels now use them. Here, you can also bring this solution to your home or office, for the entrance door and also - why not? – for the door of a “top secret” room (I don't want to know what you keep in there, whether gold bars or a collection of unobtainable comics).

There are two types of badge readers:
  • swipe card reader, like the one you see in the image above;
  • transponder card reader or proximity reader, where the badge simply needs to be brought close to the device.

Perfect, we're almost on the home stretch. Before you go, read the tips on electromechanical door locks that I leave you below.

General advice for choosing an electric lock

I close this study with a list of tips to help you choose the electric armored door lock best suited to you:
  • Find out about installation methods, so you can immediately understand whether you can do it yourself or whether it is better to rely on a technician.
  • If you have to place the device outdoors, make sure that the electric door lock is resistant to rain and, in general, to atmospheric agents (remember that there can be multiple versions of the same product, for indoors and outdoors).
  • If you want to apply an electric cylinder to an armored door, make sure it is also compatible with the defender (Libra Smart, for example, is).
  • Ask how the electric lock works in the absence of power, so you will know what your options are if this situation were to happen to you.
  • Look at the maximum number of users allowed, especially if you expect a lot of access, in order to understand which system best meets your needs.



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