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Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance cameras Prices and Offers

Video surveillance cameras at the best prices on offer

Video surveillance cameras for sale online at low prices on special offer. Discover many types of surveillance cameras. Buy different installation kits in the Windowo store.

Video surveillance cameras discounted prices for sale online

Video surveillance cameras prices and online offers. Ta the greatest fears of a thief are those of being caught in the act and, even worse, being identified. Discover many types of surveillance cameras for greater security at home.

They are not ordinary video cameras, which can be purchased for entertainment purposes, but real devices equipped with advanced technology capable (in some cases) of operating even in the dark, or of activating only at certain times upon solicitation of a group of anti-theft sensors.

Depending on the choice of your video surveillance system, you can opt for various kits that will help you understand what you need.We offer you different installation kits for sale in the Windowo shop.

Home video surveillance camera: how does it work?

One of the cheapest but still effective solutions to increase the safety of our homes is the surveillance camera. Small, discreet and easy to install, it is a watchful eye on what is dearest to us. In addition, with the smartphone we can be immediately warned by the video surveillance cameras in case of need.

Which video surveillance camera to buy?

Are you looking for a video surveillance camera? You may be wondering which are the best surveillance camera models. Before purchasing, there are several things to keep in mind. The most immediate concerns the positioning of the surveillance camera.

External cameras versus internal cameras

In the family of surveillance cameras: there are two large subgroups:
  • outdoor surveillance cameras;
  • indoor surveillance camera.

If we intend to place it outdoors we will have to look for a particularly robust surveillance camera, capable of withstanding adverse temperatures, rain and wind. Among these types we recommend the Somfy Outdoor outdoor camera. This is an outdoor security camera with built-in 110dB siren.

For the surveillance of the rooms of the house we recommend the Somfy Protect Indoor indoor camera model, the first surveillance camera equipped with a motorized shutter   which guarantees respect for privacy.

Another important parameter to keep in mind when evaluating video surveillance cameras is the possibility of recording in complete darkness via infrared. For some it might be important when choosing which surveillance cameras to buy.

Wifi or wired video surveillance? Which one to choose?

There are various video surveillance kit systems:
  • Wireless video surveillance kit;
  • Wired video surveillance kit.

Somfy wireless cameras represent a very important innovation from a security point of view. Wireless video surveillance cameras are the most popular on the market because they are installed without wiring, they are comfortable and can be relocated at any time. Furthermore, unlike the wired system, the Wi-Fi system avoids the risk of possible sabotage with cuts by intruders.

Another great advantage of the Wi-Fi system is that at any time you can check the feed of the surveillance cameras from your phone or PC. This way you will always be aware of what is happening in your home. The ability to remotely control a camera is really a big step forward!



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