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Electronic badges: cards, tags and transponders

Electronic badges, cards and tags for sale online

Are you looking for an electronic badge ? Find the best models for sale online on Windowo.

Discover the different types of badges : magnetic badges (swipe), transponder badges (on approach), key rings, wristbands tags and much more for access control .

Badge: what does it mean?

An identification badge or badge only consists of a plastic card used for identification of personnel.

It differs from simple cards, printed in offset lithography for loyalty cards that do not contain identification or login information.

Badge card: how is it made?

As mentioned, a badge card is made of plastic and is about the size of a credit card. The badge card can be equipped with a magnetic strip or microchip to be able to store the information necessary for identification inside.

The standard badge format is usually white, but they can be customized using different printing techniques.

Electronic badge: what is it for?

The badge device is often used in companies to control access to company areas and services dedicated to personnel, eg. registration of stampings, canteen services, access to dedicated areas.

Price badge: buy in the Windowo shop

Price badges: you can find the best badge cards for sale on Windowo at a discounted price. Buy various types of badge cards, transponder badges and key rings or bracelets.

Transponder: what is it for?

The transponder is an electronic accessory equipped with a memory on which a unique recognized code is written.

On Windowo you can find keychain transponders for sale online, convenient to be stored together with house keys, and bracelet-shaped transponders .

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