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Electronic badges: cards, tags and transponders

Electronic badge: cards, tags and transponders

Electronic badges, cards and tags for sale online in the Windowo shop. The traditional card is now a thing of the past: in its place, today there is the convenient and modern electronic badge. Buy magnetic swipe badges, approach transponder badges, key tags and wristbands.

Electronic badges, cards and tags for sale online

Are you looking for an electronic badge? Find the best models for sale online on Windowo.

Discover the different types of electronic badges: magnetic badges (swipe), transponder badges (approach), key ring tags, bracelet tags and much more for access control.

Badges: what does it mean?

An identification badge or just badge consists of a plastic card used for personnel identification.

It differs from simple cards, printed in offset lithography for loyalty programs which do not contain identification or access information.

Badge card: how is it made?

As already mentioned, a badge card is made of plastic and about the size of a credit card. The badge card can be equipped with a magnetic stripe or microchip to store the information necessary for identification inside.

A card badge combines the convenience of a card with the convenience of digital data management. This information is not printed on the badge, but saved, processed and returned to the administration in software.

Usually the standard magnetic badge format is white, but they can be customized using different printing techniques.

Electronic badge: what is it for?

The badge device is often used in companies to control access to company areas and staff services, e.g. clock-in registration, canteen services, access to dedicated areas.

Transponder meaning and what is it for?

The transponder is an electronic accessory equipped with a memory on which a unique recognized code is written.

On Windowo you can find key ring transponders for sale online, convenient for storing together with your house keys, and bracelet-shaped transponders.

Are you looking for the best badge readers for sale online? Visit our dedicated category now.

Price badge: buy in the Windowo store

Badge price: you can find the best badge cards for sale on Windowo at a discounted price. Buy badge cards of various types, transponder badges and key ring tags or bracelets.

Electronic badges: 10 questions and answers

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about electronic badge, card, tag and transponder technology, along with their answers:

What is an electronic badge?
An electronic badge is a card or device that contains a microchip or electronic recognition technology used for access to certain areas or purposes.

What types of electronic badges can I purchase from Windowo?
Windowo offers a variety of electronic badges, including magnetic swipe badges, swipe transponder badges, keychain tags and wristbands.

How does a magnetic badge differ from a transponder badge?
A magnetic badge requires physical contact with a reader, while a transponder badge can be read by holding the device close to the reader without physical contact.

How does a transponder badge work?
A transponder badge communicates with a reader via radio waves, which detects the identity of the transponder and authorizes access.

Can I personalize my electronic badges?
Many manufacturers offer customization services, allowing you to print your logo or other information on the badges. Contact us to find out more.

What are the advantages of electronic badges compared to traditional badges?
Electronic badges offer faster, more secure and traceable access than traditional badges.

How are accesses and authorizations managed with electronic badges?
Access and authorizations are managed by a software system that assigns specific permissions to each electronic badge.

What are common applications for electronic badges?
Electronic badges are widely used for access control to buildings, parking lots, construction sites and even special events.

Do electronic badges require special maintenance?
Electronic badges are generally durable and require little maintenance. However, it is important to keep them clean and replace them if damaged.

What should I do if I lose my electronic badge?
If you lose your electronic badge, you should immediately report it to your administrator or security officer so that they can revoke your access.

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