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Smart thermostats for sale online at the best prices

Smart thermostats and smart home thermoregulation: in this category you can find the best WiFi thermostat for your home automation, suitable for the specific needs of your home. Somfy thermostats for sale at low prices on special offer.

Smart thermostats and thermoregulation - Online shop

Smart thermostats allow us to control home heating with smartphones and voice assistants. In addition to being useful, these smart home automation devices reduce the costs of the energy expenditure of a home by over 30%.

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What are smart thermostats?

A wifi smart thermostat is a technologically advanced device capable of connecting and programming set temperatures, working both in a traditional and smart way, i.e. with remote control via smartphone .

Nowadays the best wifi thermostats are real intelligent control units that allow many more functions and possibilities than traditional models.

How does a smart thermostat work?

A wifi thermostat works in a similar way to an older model: it controls the thermostatic valve to reach a certain temperature.

Depending on the type of heating system, smart thermostats regulate the ignition, power, or deactivation of the heating in certain zones.

How does it become smart?

A thermostat is smart when it has the ability to connect internally (via WiFi or Bluetooth).

The best smart thermostat allows greater programming possibilities than old-fashioned thermostats, a remote control with the possibility of varying the settings even if you are away from home.

In addition, the best wireless thermostats can follow certain custom-set routines (for example geolocation and return home).

How to choose a smart thermostat?

The best smart thermostats are equipped with WiFi to be able to connect with the network. They can be controlled from a mobile device such as a smartphone via the free app.

For example, the Somfy company has developed various applications that can be downloaded quickly and easily.

The basic controls allow you to raise and lower the temperature, create a customized heating program and change the temperature according to the user's position.

What is the best smart thermostat to save money?

Using a smart thermostat is satisfying but ... is it worth it? Not so much if the only improvement over a traditional thermostat was to turn on the heat before going home.

In fact, the best wireless thermostats allow for significant savings . Especially by activating the tracking system on the mobile phone so that the system activates itself when you are returning home.

The important thing is to choose the ideal product for your personal needs.

Best wifi smart thermostats prices

The world of the best smart thermostats is big: from simple remote heating control units to real home brains.

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