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Parcel Boxes

Parcel Boxes for Couriers

Parcel boxes for couriers: discover convenient prices and offers

Parcel boxes: discover boxes for receiving parcels from couriers, ideal for those who often buy online. Choose from a wide range of parcel mailboxes in different sizes and modern designs. Buy your new parcel mailbox at low prices on special offer on Windowo.

Parcel boxes for sale online at the best prices

Parcel boxes: discover our complete line of boxes for receiving parcels, ideal for those who regularly purchase from e-commerce.

On Windowo you can buy parcel containers of different sizes and elegant and modern designs online. Our parcel racks are special models of outdoor mailboxes designed to receive and store intact parcels.

Even the closures of the courier parcel boxes can vary but they are all simple to use both by the courier and the user.

Boxes to receive parcels from the courier for those who order online

Online shopping is increasingly popular and convenient. However, those who often buy online may not always find themselves in a position to be able to collect the order upon delivery. Especially if you work or are often away from home.

Have you ever come home and found a storage notice in your mailbox? To us a lot of times. Unfortunately, if the courier doesn't find anyone at home you will have to queue at the post office or at the courier branch.

If you don't want to depend on a kind neighbor or relative to ask for a favor, we recommend purchasing a parcel mailbox. So your online purchases will always be safe.

On Windowo you will find different models of parcel boxes, with a choice of sizes and special offer prices. Among the parcel boxes available on the market, we recommend the Silmec S-Butler parcel box. This box, produced in Italy by the Silmec company, is an elegant and safe choice for those looking for a reliable solution for receiving parcels and correspondence.

Parcel mailboxes: we answer the most frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions about parcel boxes, along with their answers:

How do parcel boxes work?
Parcel boxes are designed to receive and protect parcels and correspondence. Usually, they have a secure compartment where the courier can deposit the package. Some models include a locking mechanism that automatically locks after the package is deposited, ensuring that only the owner can access it.

What package sizes can parcel boxes accept?
The dimensions of the packages that a box can accommodate depend on its size. Some models are designed for small or medium-sized packages, while others can accommodate larger packages. It is important to check the maximum acceptable dimensions before purchasing.

Are parcel boxes safe?
Yes, most parcel boxes are equipped with sturdy locks and security mechanisms to prevent theft and unauthorized access. Some more advanced models may also include additional security features, such as passcodes or alarm systems.

Is it possible to install a package box in an apartment building or multi-unit building?
Yes, you can, but you may need to get approval from the condominium management or other residents. Furthermore, the available space and safety of the installation area must be considered.

Do parcel boxes require maintenance?
Maintenance is generally minimal. It is recommended that locks and locking mechanisms are checked regularly to ensure they are working properly. Additionally, periodic cleaning to remove dirt and protect the material can extend its life.

Is it possible to track parcels delivered to a parcel box?
Package tracking depends on the courier and the service used for shipping. The parcel box itself has no tracking capabilities, but some more advanced models may include smart technologies, such as delivery notifications.

Where can I buy a parcel box?
Parcel boxes can be conveniently purchased online on the Windowo website: you will find a vast selection of parcel boxes of different sizes and styles, ideal for satisfying a variety of needs. Purchasing on Windowo offers the advantage of being able to easily compare prices and product specifications.

Parcel Boxes



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