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Locks for sale online: prices and offers

Windowo locks : find the right lock for every need. Discover a wide range of locks for every security and installation need.

You can find the best security locks to protect your most valuable documents and possessions from the bad guys. If you are looking for a more technological product, we recommend that you look at the category dedicated to electronic locks.

There are many other sub-categories, for example those that divide locks according to the material they are designed for. For example, several locks for aluminum doors are on sale on Windowo.

What is a lock? And a cylinder?

A lock is an access control system located in a certain area with an entrance. The device closes and prevents the passage.

A lock cylinder is a device, connected to the lock, which opens and closes a window or door. Opening is made possible by a circulatory movement with a key. The latter rotates pistons operated by a spring system.


Locks have a long history

The locks have been in use for over 6000 years. The design of the antique locks is still famous and recognizable.

The ancient Romans used to keep valuables in closed boxes and wore keys as rings. In this way the key was always at hand and also became a clearly visible symbol of social prestige.

Taking a great leap forward in history, with the industrial revolution there was a great development in precision engineering and its components.

The lever lock was improved by Jeremiah Chubb : it could prevent unwanted access attempts and indicated to the owner any attempt to break it. In 1820, together with his brother, he started the Chubb Locks company. The brothers also received the first patent for a burglar-proof safe .

The English inventor Joseph Bramah in 1784 designed the cylindrical key lock with notches along the surface.

Instead the double action pin lock was designed by the American Abraham O. Stansbury in England in 1805. The modern version (still used today) was invented by Linus Yale Sr. in 1848. This lock model prevents the lock from opening without the right key.

Despite other improvements in design, most of today's locks are still variants of those from Bramah, Chubb and Yale.


How many types of locks are there?

There are different types of locks, with various degrees of security (from 1 to 3). They can be mechanical, electrical or electronic . Let's see together the characteristics of some types of locks.

Lever lock

The lever lock is the most common and was patented by the Englishman Robert Barron in 1778. It is a type of lock that provides a movement similar to that of a lever. A category that falls into this type is the double-bit lock.

Cylinder lock

The cylinder lock was patented by Linus Yale in 1865. It consists of a device connected to the lock and allows the opening and closing of a window or door. There are many different types of cylinder locks, but the basic system always consists of a spring and plunger system.

Combination lock

A combination lock can be opened with a combination, i.e. a sequence of symbols. The opening sequence can be entered by turning the reels where the symbols are located, or via a keypad. Combination locks have many applications.



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