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Professional glass suction cups ideal for lifting glass

Professional glass suction cups ideal for lifting glass. Suction cup sale online on Windowo to move the plates safely. Discover low prices and best offers.

Suction cups for glass for sale online

Are you looking for a professional glass suction cup for your work? If you take care of lifting and handling glass during the installation and laying phases, you already know how important it is to do it in total safety.

Glass suction cups are a practical solution for moving glass plates safely. A glass suction cup uses the negative pressure of the vacuum to ensure a reliable grip on the glass.

Suction cup for professional glass best models

The manual glass suction cup is a very useful device when you need to move a glass plate to set it in a frame (for example the glass of a window or that of a mirror). In such situations, a manual glass suction cup allows you to position the plate without running the risk of leaving fingerprints or crushing the fingers of your hand. Thus the work of the glazier or window maker is facilitated and is carried out without errors and with extreme precision.

In particular, we recommend the model of manual glass suction cup with single plate with vacuum gauge for glassmakers and window makers.

This model of professional glass suction cup is equipped with a central knob for regulating the vacuum and a vacuum gauge that indicates a depression.

Suction cups for glass lifting prices and offers

The glass industry has very ancient origins but only modern professional tools can guarantee optimal results. Lifting and handling safely is the task of glass lifting suction cups.

We offer you for sale online a wide range of professional glass suction cups able to provide customized solutions for every need of use.

In the Windowo online store you can buy the best quality glass lifting suction cups at discounted prices. Just search for the glass suction cup model you want, enter the product sheet and immediately see the dedicated advantageous offer. Safe grip and maximum comfort of use are guaranteed.



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