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Are you looking for rack actuators to open and close top-hung windows, sheds, skylights, sunshades or domes? In this category you can find the best models on sale at discounted prices. Read the technical data sheets and choose the professional rack actuator best suited to your specific needs.

Rack actuators for skylights and domes

Electric linear actuators with rack to rack electric drive are window automation that can be used for the opening and closing of hinged windows, sheds, skylights, sun blades and domes.

Rack actuators: price and use

In mechanics, a rack gear is used, together with a toothed wheel, to convert rotary motion into continuous linear motion or the other way around.

The name rack derives from the French crémaillère , and from the ancient Greek kremastér or "that which holds up".

We can see a rack as a coupling of toothed wheels, in which one of the two wheels has an infinite radius. The wheel of limited radius translates the toothed bar through its rotation.

The price of the rack varies according to the shape of the teeth, the number of these and the use of the rack system itself.

The best known use of the rack is in transportation, where it is used as a transmission system.

Price rack motors: many models on offer

Are you looking for a rack and pinion actuator ? On Windowo you can find the best rack motors produced by the most famous brands in the sector including Topp, Nekos, Aprimatic and Ultraflex (UCS).

Search for the rack actuator model you want, enter the reference product sheet and immediately find out the price and the advantageous offer.



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