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Rod Actuators

Rod Actuators for Windows

Rod actuators for windows and skylights for sale online

In this category you can find the best rod actuators for sale for opening and closing windows and domes. Discover many motor models to automatically open and close skylights. Buy your new rod actuator at a discounted price on Windowo.

Electric rod actuators and motors for skylights

Rod actuators are window motors designed for opening and closing top-hung windows, louvered windows, sunshade blades and domes.

In an electric actuator of this type, the transmission of movement from the automation to the window takes place by means of a rigid rod.

Skylights and roof windows: what are they and how do they work?

The skylight is located on the roof of the house: the purpose of this opening is to let natural light pass into the room (usually an attic or an attic). The possibility of letting in the external light allows you to make the environment more ventilated and bright.

A space without a skylight is often an environment without other openings to the outside: the roof window allows you to recover these rooms and make them pleasantly habitable.

The windows for the roof are built with different types of material; those for residential use are usually made of wood, also for aesthetic reasons; skylights for attics and attics are often made of PVC or aluminum. The opening takes place towards the outside, for reasons of space.

Motors for motorized skylights for sale online

The skylight works like a classic window, with a manually adjustable opening and closing process. However, various models of actuators are available on the market to motorize skylights.

A motorized skylight is a particular type of frame that is often inserted in newly built houses and in renovations. For small houses, having a window on the ceiling of the attic allows you to use all the walls of the room for furniture.

The main advantage in choosing a motorized solution is to be able to open and close the door in a simple way . In fact, through a rod motor for roof windows it is possible to control the opening with a button or remote control. On Windowo you can buy the best electric motors for skylights online and thus guarantee the supply of natural light on the roof of the building or of an attic.

How much weight can I move with rod actuators?

It depends. The technician who installs the automation mathematically transforms the weight of the window into Newton. Each rod motor is designed to move a weight in Newton. As the number of Newtons increases, the motor will be able to move more weight.

Window automation: discover the best rod motors

On Windowo you can buy rod actuators produced by the most famous brands in the sector such as Aprimatic, Topp, Ultraflex (UCS), WAY Mingardi and many others at advantageous prices.

Rod actuators: the choice of voltage between 230v and 24v

Normally the same model of rod actuator or skylight motor is available in different voltage types. When you buy a chain motor you will therefore have to consider whether to take an actuator with the home voltage (230V) or with the industrial voltage (direct current 24V) . Then there are other countries, such as in America, where the domestic voltage changes (110v).

Attention: if the voltage is wrong you risk burning the engine immediately! Especially if you plug a 24V actuator into the house plug.



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