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Acetic silicones at the best prices - Online shop

Take advantage of our offers on acetic silicones at affordable prices. Choose the perfect acetic silicone for your needs, available for purchase online on Windowo.

Acetic silicones for sale online

Are you looking for acetic silicones ? Discover the best for sale online in the Windowo specialized shop.

Acetic silicone is a very useful sealing material because:
  • quite versatile;
  • buy for a song;
  • available in different types and formulations;
  • easily camouflaged thanks to the choice of colors of various kinds.

What is acetic silicone?

Acetic crosslinking sealants are commonly called acetic silicones or acetic sealants . These products have excellent adhesion on non-porous substrates such as glass, ceramic, porcelain and glazed surfaces even without primer.

Features acetic silicone

Acetic silicones have excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and minimal shrinkage during the vulcanization process. Many people choose them for this very reason, because they are able to maintain their elastic properties unaltered even after being laid.

The best known feature is its particular smell , combined with the ability to remain elastic even after laying. Unlike other silicones, it is impossible to paint it after hardening. It is mainly used for work on sanitary ware and areas in contact with water and joints in a horizontal position.

Cheap silicones for sale online

Acetic silicones are the cheapest in the family. In fact, one of the great advantages of acetic silicone is the price, since it allows you to access an excellent professional sealant product without spending too much money.

Prices vary depending not only on the brand and manufacturer but on the specific use for which they have been designed. With Windowo you can find the best acetic silicones for sale online at advantageous low prices.



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