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Sliding Gate Motors - Online Prices and Offers

Sliding gate motors: discover the best automations in our online shop. Ideal for the automatic gate of homes and businesses. Buy your sliding gate motor at a discounted price on Windowo.

What are automatic systems for sliding gates?

Automated systems for sliding gates are intelligent systems for opening an automatic sliding gate. To understand how many automation systems exist, please read the description on the automation for gates page.

Differences between sliding gates and swing gates

The most used gates are 2:
  • Sliding gates: are those used in companies. They are bigger, heavier and are opened many times a day. The automatisms of the sliding gates are therefore adapted and chosen in proportion to these characteristics;
  • Swing gates: are those used in residential areas (homes and condominiums). They are lighter and smaller than company gates, so they require less powerful gate automations. We also have a category for swing gate automations.

How do automatic systems for sliding gates work?

If you have a business, chances are you are looking for an easy and affordable solution for your entry. Do you want for the continuous passage of trucks, or for the comings and goings of customers, employees and suppliers, you will need an automatic sliding gate. This is how the automatisms for sliding gates work :
  1. Open the gate using the remote control (this is the easiest method, but the key also exists).
  2. A signal is then sent to the control unit which is connected to the gate. Think of the control unit as the brain of the entire automatic sliding gate system. Without the control unit there would be no automation.
  3. At this point the control unit asks the motor to open the gate which will slide open. Unlike gates with swing leaves, therefore, the sliding gate will open along a rail (or track).

In summary: how is a sliding gate automation made?

The automatic sliding gate is made from a few but essential accessories that must work together and that you can buy in our Windowo online store:
  • 1 Motor
  • 1 Electric unit
  • Sensors
  • 2 Photocells

Motor for sliding gate

The power and number of motors is sized according to the size of the gate. There can be two cases:
  • Single motor if you have a small and light gate. In this case we often talk about residential gates.
  • Double motor for large and heavy gates. Mostly they are the gates for companies that have larger dimensions.

Photocells for sliding gate

The photocells for automatic gates have an essential function , because they block the gate when someone passes. Actually the photocells send a signal to the control unit, because that is where all the information passes. But it is enough to know that the photocells are used to improve the safety of sliding gates automatisms.

Control unit for sliding gate

The control unit of an automatic sliding gate is the brain that controls everything . What does it do?
  • It receives the signal from the remote control and the photocells.
  • It tells the motor to open and close the gate.
  • It also communicates to block the gate when someone passes.

How many automations for sliding gates are there?

The answer is many! This depends on the type of opening and above all if it is a gate for the house or for a company . Let's see together how we can classify sliding gates.

1. According to the type of opening:

  • With remote control: it is certainly the easiest way to open a sliding gate, useful in case of bad weather.
  • With key: to be inserted in the lock.

2. Based on where it is to be installed

  • Automatic gate for the house: we insert it because it is the most common system, but it is rarely about sliding gates;
  • Automatic gate for condominiums: it is heavier than the gate for the house and is opened and closed several times a day;
  • Automatic gate for company: here we find most of the sliding gates, because they are suitable for large areas and because it saves a lot of time.

Automation for sliding gates for sale online

Are you looking for automatisms for sliding gates? In our online store you will find the kits and accessories of the most famous Made in Italy brands.



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