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Windows and doors: find your products in just a few clicks

Discover a wide range of windows and doors for sale online on Windowo. With us you can quickly and easily choose the right window for your home. Or you can find the most suitable components to complete and improve the performance of your window.

Online window sales in the Windowo specialized shop

Are you looking for a professional site that sells windows ? We are at your service in the search, not only for individual window and door frame components (such as PVC window trim), but also for the finished product ready to be assembled.

If you are looking for PVC windows, aluminum or wooden frames we can help you find the most suitable solution for your space.

You can choose the most suitable home windows and doors from those offered. If you don't find what you are looking for, you can request free online window and door quotes personalized and tailored to your specific needs.

Windows and doors: your quality choice on Windowo

Welcome to our section dedicated to products for windows and doors (or for roller shutters, as in the case of PVC roller shutter boxes), where you will find the best items for windows, available for purchase online on Windowo.

With us, choosing the ideal item for your home is quick and easy, thanks to a wide range of high quality options.
  • PVC joinery : discover our selection of PVC joinery, known for their durability, energy efficiency and easy maintenance. A practical and economical solution to guarantee optimal thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Accessories for wooden frames : improve your wooden frames with our range of accessories. You will find everything you need to improve, customize and maintain your wooden windows and doors;
  • Glass accessories : perfect your glass fixtures with specific accessories that increase their functionality and safety. From anti-burglary to privacy solutions, we have what you are looking for;
  • Glass films for windows : improve the performance of your windows with our films. Whether for sun protection, security or decoration, films offer a versatile and practical solution;
  • Deadbolts and Latches : Provide additional security and protection with our selection of deadbolts and latches, designed to stand the test of time and provide reliable closure;
  • Door Closers : Choose from our door closers for optimal control of the closing of your doors. A wide range for every need, from the simple internal door to the heavier and more frequently used ones;
  • Shelters : protect your entrances with elegance thanks to our shelters. Not only do they provide shelter from rain and sun, but they also add a touch of style to your home's entrance;
  • Portholes : Add light and style with our selection of portholes. Perfect for doors, walls and other surfaces, they offer an aesthetic and functional solution for more light and visibility;
  • Sliding door hardware : find everything you need for your sliding systems, from the simple guide to the most sophisticated systems. A practical solution to optimize space and movement;
  • Window Seals : Keep your windows tightly sealed with our seals. A wide choice for every type of window, guaranteeing insulation and durability;
  • REI fire doors : maximum safety with our REI fire doors. Essential for safety in the event of fire, our doors combine functionality and compliance with current regulations;
  • Thermal insulating monoblocks : optimize the insulation of your home with our thermal insulating monoblocks. Ideal for those looking for an integrated solution for windows and shutters, with excellent thermal insulation.

Visit Windowo to find out more and find the perfect solution for your needs. With us, the online purchase of windows and doors is safe, simple and convenient.



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