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Zelus Automatic Shutter-Stop Simple Opening and Closing

Brands: Pettiti
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Zelus Automatic Shutter Stopper: open the shutter without leaning out!

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Zelus is the first universal automatic shutter holder capable of solving all the problems of hooking and unhooking the shutters.

You no longer need to lean out : with Zelus you just need to exert a little pressure on the door and the spring pin will automatically release it.

An absolute novelty thanks to this system patented by Pettiti.

Zelus shutter stop for automatic shutter opening by pressing the sash

Zelus Fermapersiane Automatico per Apertura Persiane Senza Sporgersi

Zelus Automatic Shutterstop Features

Zelus universal automatic shutter stop by Pettiti, in black plastic, with automatic hooking and unhooking, with screw and dowel. Allows automatic opening and closing of shutters .

Zelus stops all types of shutters and is suitable for many applications but, above all, in cases where you cannot lean out of the window, due to the presence of furniture inside the house, high windows, thick walls, gratings, etc.

Zelus Pettiti replaces all types of shutter stops.
  • Supplied with interchangeable fixing screw for classic wall or cladding of various thicknesses;
  • It can be screwed in using a screwdriver, without rotating the body of the shutter holder;
  • Height adjustable even after fixing with a range of 45 mm;
  • Quick and easy door thickness adjustment from 35 to 65 mm;
  • Standard wind anti-vibration system;
  • Anti-rotation system to prevent the user from accidentally turning Zelus as usually happens with traditional stops (activated at the end of assembly);
  • Optionals that can be purchased separately : extension bracket for multiple doors and spacer for additional rear shims (one is included).

fermapersiane automatico Zelus apertura persiane senza sporgersi

How does Zelus shutter holder work without leaning out?

The Zelus automatic shutter-stop solves all the problems of hooking and unhooking the shutter leaves in the open position.

Automatic closing of the shutters : it is no longer necessary to lean out to manually release the traditional shutter stops, but just apply a little pressure on the sash and the spring pin will automatically release it.

Zelus is an automatic shutter stop that is easy to install and even easier to maintain. In case of malfunction or replacement, the body of the shutter holder can be removed without also removing the wall fixing plug.

Adjustable in height and width according to the thickness of the door (max thickness 70 mm).

zelus fermapersiana pettiti apertura automatica persiane

Zelus shutter stopper for coat, 150mm or 180mm long screw

The normally included fixing screw is 80mm and is meant for standard masonry.

The interchangeable fixing screw has made it possible to find a suitable solution even for situations where the standard length is not enough.

In fact, the Zelus shutter-stop version with long screw is ideal for cladding mounting. This version is available with a 150mm or 180mm long fixing screw.

zelus fermapersiane automatico senza sporgersi

Shutter shutter Zelus prices on offer on Windowo

We have already said that this incredible Zelus shutter holder without leaning out allows the automatic opening and closing of the shutter with the simple pressure of the hand.

Zelus shutter stops prices : discover Windowo's offers on Pettiti brand shutter stops. The automatic opening and closing of shutters has never been so convenient.

Pettiti Giuseppe accessories: automatic shutter opening

Discover a wide selection of accessories for shutters made by Pettiti Giuseppe, a leading Italian company in the production of accessories for sliding doors and metal frames.

The production of Pettiti articles takes place in Italy : the main office is located in Settimo Torinese (Turin).

Pettiti Giuseppe: accessori per persiane
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Zelus by Pettiti Giuseppe
Zelus - Example of Application

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