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Are you looking for a shutter stop to open the shutters in peace and safety? On Windowo we offer you a wide selection of professional shutter locks for sale online at discounted prices.

Stop iron shutters, blocks for automatic shutters and much more

Discover a wide choice of iron shutter stops made with artisanal techniques. Automatic shutter stop models can also be purchased, which return the shutter to the starting position: they are very convenient in the case of shutters placed at great heights. Among these we recommend Zelus automatic shutter stop.

What is a shutter stop? What is it for?

The shutter stop (also called shutter stop ) is a useful device for keeping the shutter in the open position.

The shutter stop always works in pairs and is fixed to the outside of the facade, on the wall, usually at the lower edge of the doors.

Each shutter stop is made from a piece of iron that pivots around a pin that can be raised or lowered. The shutter stops are useful, as the name implies, to stop the shutter when it is in the open position and prevent it from banging due to sudden gusts of wind.

The history of shutter stops: the Turk and the checkers

The spread of Persian from the seventeenth century in Europe passed through trade with the East and then through the Republic of Venice which had contacts with the areas of Arab culture.

Having felt the need to keep the shutters open or closed depending on the atmospheric or meteorological conditions, it was the Venetians who therefore invented the shutter stop in the most classic form that is still the most widespread today, that is, the one that presents human figures. These figures are of the Turkish and the Venetian lady who appear and disappear depending on whether the shutters are kept closed or open and locked.

Today it is interesting to note how later other forms of shutters were developed that had nothing to do with the combination of "turkish" / "checkers".

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