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External shutter stops and shutter holders for sale online

External shutter stops online shop: buy your new shutter stops online quickly and easily. Are you looking for a high quality shutter block? On Windowo you can find thousands of technical products to stop shutters and shutters in complete safety.

Shutter stops and shutter holders for sale online

Are you looking for a shutter stop to open the shutters in peace and safety? On Windowo we offer you a vast selection of professional shutter locks and shutter hardware for sale online at discounted prices.

Stops iron shutters, blocks for automatic shutters and much more

Discover a wide choice of iron shutter stops made with artisan techniques.

Automatic shutter stop models can also be purchased on Windowo, which return the shutter to the starting position: they are very convenient in the case of shutters placed at great heights. Among these door stops we recommend Zelus automatic shutter stop.

There are also special magnetic shutter stops: they represent a modern and practical solution, ideal for those looking for a simple and quick method for fixing shutters without the need for invasive interventions (a magnetic shutter stop uses the attraction force of the magnets to obtain a secure locking).

What is a shutter stopper? What is it for?

The shutter stop (also called shutter holder) is a useful device for keeping the shutter in the open position. The shutter stop always works in pairs and is fixed to the outside of the facade, on the wall, normally at the lower edge of the doors. Each shutter stop is made of a piece of iron that swings around a pin that can be raised or lowered.

Shutter stops are useful, as the name suggests, to stop the shutter when it is in the open position and prevent it from slamming due to sudden gusts of wind. Among the brands we deal with we mention Tecnometalsystem, a specialized company that offers a large variety of mechanisms for opening the slats for external adjustable blackout shutters.

The history of shutter stops: the Turk and the lady

The spread of the shutter in Europe from the 17th century went through trade with the East and therefore through the Republic of Venice which had contacts with the areas of Arab culture.

Having felt the need to keep the shutters open or closed depending on the atmospheric or meteorological conditions, it was the Venetians who invented the shutter stop in the most classic form of hooks for wooden shutters which is still the most widespread today. We are talking about the one that features human figures.

These figures are of the Turk and the Venetian lady who appear and disappear depending on whether the shutters are kept closed or open and locked.

Today it is interesting to note how other forms of shutter stops subsequently developed that had nothing to do with the "turk"/"lady" combination.

Shutter blocking devices: 10 questions and related answers

Here are 10 frequently asked questions regarding shutter stops, with the relevant answers:

1 - What is a shutter stopper?
The shutter stop is a device designed to keep shutters open. It is mounted externally on the facade, usually at the lower edge of the doors, and consists of a piece of iron swinging around a pin.

2 - How does a shutter stop work?
It works as a support that can be raised or lowered to lock the shutter in the open position, preventing it from closing or slamming due to the wind. A magnetic shutter stop uses the strength of magnets to achieve the same purpose. The shutter stop can be for external shutters or of the internal shutter stop type.

3 - What types of shutter stops exist?
There are different types, including iron ones, automatic models, magnetic shutter stops, Bricoman shutter stops and decorative ones such as the classic "Turkish" and Venetian "checkers". Automatic models are particularly useful for high shutters .

4- Where can I buy shutter stops online?
Shutter stops can be purchased online on specialized sites such as Windowo, which offers a wide range of these devices at discounted prices .

5 - Are they difficult to install?
Installation depends on the type of shutter stopper. Many models require simple fixing to the wall, but it is always recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions or consult a professional.

6 - What are the advantages of automatic shutter stops?
Automatic shutter stops are convenient, especially for shutters in high positions, as they allow you to lock and unlock shutters without physical effort.

7 - How to choose the right shutter stop?
The choice of window and shutter fasteners depends on several factors, such as material, exposure to winds, desired aesthetics and height. We at Windowo recommend considering these aspects before purchasing.

8 - Are the shutter stops resistant to atmospheric agents?
Most shutter stops are designed to withstand different weather conditions. However, their lifespan may vary depending on the material and manufacturing quality.

9 - Can they be used on all types of shutters?
Generally yes, but it is important to check the compatibility of the shutter stop with the specific type of shutter you have.

10 - What maintenance do shutter stops require?
Maintenance is minimal. It is advisable to periodically check the stability of the fixation and clean the device to avoid the accumulation of dirt or rust (in the case of a magnetic shutter stop it could prevent it from locking).

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