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Hinges for Furniture

Hinges for Furniture and Wardrobe Doors

High quality furniture hinges and cabinet doors

Discover our selection of hinges for furniture and wardrobe doors at low prices. Take advantage of Windowo's exclusive offers and discover a wide variety of discounted furniture hinge types. Give a touch of quality and functionality to your furniture with the best hinges on the market, chosen for their durability and innovative design.

Hinges for furniture and wardrobe doors for sale online

Are you looking for hinges for furniture? Discover the best furniture hinges and wardrobe hinges at prices on offer on Windowo. Discover different plugs for furniture hinges.

How to install furniture hinges?

Furniture hinges are designed to fit into a hole made in the door on whose walls they release most of the stress to which they are subjected.

The screwdriver speeds up the assembly operations of door hinges, but it must be used with the clutch to avoid damaging the screw heads. To adjust the position of wardrobe hinges, it is advisable to use a cross insert with a long shank to be able to easily pass through the narrow slots that give access to the screws.

Where to buy the most beautiful furniture hinges made in Italy?

In particular, we sell many types of wrought iron furniture hinges, produced in Italy by the specialized company Lorenz Ferart.

For the manufacture of these iron hinges the Lorenz company uses first choice materials skilfully worked with the techniques of the past. In this way they are still able to create high quality Italian artisan products.

Furniture for hinges: questions and answers

Below you will find some frequently asked questions with their answers for the category of furniture hinges and wardrobe doors.

What types of furniture hinges do you deal with?
We have a wide range of furniture hinges, including concealed hinges, folding hinges, soft hinges, and many others, all designed to offer maximum functionality and aesthetics.

How can I choose the right hinge for my furniture or wardrobe?
To choose the right hinge, consider the weight of the door, the type of opening desired, and the design of the furniture. We are also available to provide advice to help you with your choice.

Are your hinges easy to install?
Yes, our hinges are designed for quick and easy installation. We also offer guides and video tutorials to assist you with installation.

Do you have hinges for wardrobes with heavy doors?
Of course, we have specific hinges designed to support heavier wardrobe doors, ensuring stability and durability over time.

Do you supply hinges with soft closing mechanisms?
Yes, we offer hinges with soft closing systems for silent and gentle closing of the doors.

Can I find zippers in different styles?
Absolutely. Our range includes hinges in various styles and finishes, to suit any furniture or wardrobe design.



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