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Roller Shutter Boxes Insulation

Roller Shutter Boxes Insulation

Roller shutter boxes insulation online shop

Roller shutter boxes insulation: discover a system that is extremely easy to install. In this category you can also purchase our roller shutter box insulation kits including everything you need to insulate the roller shutter compartment.

The best system for the insulation of roller shutter boxes

In the context of the energy redevelopment of a building, the compartment of the box that houses the roller blind (roller shutter box) represents one of the most critical points of all. In fact, the air at the outside temperature enters the roller shutter box through the sliding slot of the fabric.

The situation of the roller shutter box is then aggravated by the slot where the belt runs, a real through hole that connects inside and outside. As a result, roller shutter boxes very often waste more energy than the windows themselves.

How to best insulate the roller shutter box?

As a solution to the problem of insulating the roller shutter box, we offer you a new thermal and acoustic insulation system for the internal compartment of the roller shutter box , which is very simple to perform and very economical to make. The results of the box insulation intervention are really surprising.

Customized roller shutter insulation kit for existing roller shutter compartments

The great advantage of this roller shutter insulation system is the great versatility and simplicity of execution that make it suitable for any roller shutter box and within the reach of anyone interested in carrying out this work. The equipment necessary to insulate the shutter boxes are in fact minimal and the difficulties non-existent.

How to insulate the roller shutter box? The box kits for roller shutters are made to measure, here are the versions that you can find for sale online on Windowo:
If you are interested in this topic box insulation you can also watch our video dedicated to how to insulate roller shutter boxes:

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How to insulate roller shutter boxes?

Let's take a look together at some of the most important steps in the roller shutter box insulation process.

Take the measurements of the shutter box you want to insulate
Before purchasing the material, it is important that you check whether there is enough space in the shutter box to fit the insulation panel without obstructing the winding. Insulation panel thicknesses usually vary between 13 and 25 millimetres: check that there is at least one centimetre in the space between the panel and the closed shutter.

Insulate holes in roller shutter boxes with polyurethane foam
How to insulate roller shutter boxes with foam? First of all check that they are not holes in the wall. If they are, simply seal the holes with quality polyurethane foam.

Insulating material for shutter boxes against noise
Rolls of insulation material for roller shutter boxes act as a barrier against energy loss and reduce external noise. Those with windows facing the street side know that this is a good thing. Fortunately, our shutter box acoustic insulation panels produce very high noise reduction.

Roller shutter box covers: are you in doubt about how to insulate your roller shutter box? If you have any questions on how to insulate the shutter box, we are at your complete disposal.

If you are interested in the topic of roller shutter insulation and energy saving, we also recommend reading the article dedicated to thermal break windows in our blog.

Roller shutter boxes online prices and offers

In the Windowo shop you can find the best PVC roller shutter boxes and other roller shutter box insulation materials for sale online at special offer prices. Insulating roller shutter boxes with the right products becomes really quick and easy.

Roller Shutter Boxes Insulation



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