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Pleated mosquito nets at the best online prices

Pleated mosquito nets at the best factory prices on offer. Pleated mosquito nets with accordion mesh, tailor-made in Italy and ideal for both doors and windows. Enter the measurements and immediately calculate the discounted price of your new pleated mosquito net.

Pleated mosquito nets for sale online at special prices

In the Windowo online store you can find for sale the best pleated mosquito nets made to measure with a high quality aluminum profile and characteristic accordion net.

Windowo pleated insect screens are produced in Italy and have the CE mark and industry quality certifications.

Mosquito nets with pleated net: what are the advantages?

The pleated net guarantees the typical packing: it is able to fold on itself in the opening movement, hence the nickname of accordion mosquito nets , and then to stretch out during the closing phase.

Choosing a pleated insect screen is the perfect solution for children, the elderly and the disabled because they have no floor guide (or, if there is, a low guide of just 4 millimeters) to avoid being hindered.

They are custom made mosquito nets with a compact and lightweight design and have a quick and easy installation. Furthermore, maintenance is also convenient and easy.

Pleated mosquito nets prices and models

Choose from the models of online mosquito nets proposed below, and calculate your free quote.

The prices of Windowo pleated mosquito nets are VAT included.

Pleated insect screens: which model to choose? Guide to the characteristics of pleated insect screens

Pleated mosquito nets, also called pleated insect screens , are the best option to protect your home, especially during the summer.

The heat is upon us. This means that the passages on our terraces and balconies often remain open, so those annoying insects that roam around the house, tormenting you at night, and that you can't wait to chase away can access your interior spaces.

Thanks to the pleated mosquito nets you can protect your home in complete comfort.

Think of all those uncomfortable attempts you have subjected to your home: from the DIY curtains to the coils scattered everywhere, to the electric mosquito nets that leave a bad smell and only protected the area near the power plug. Now, you can opt for a more effective solution.

Thanks to the pleated mosquito nets you can have maximum comfort and the best protection from spiders, insects and also from dust and smog. Let's see which of these models can be right for you.

Characteristics of pleated insect screens

  • Comfortable
  • Practices
  • Safe
  • Accessible
  • Elegant

The pleated bespoke mosquito nets come with a high quality aluminum profile that offers stability, excellent functionality and a long life to the device. These characteristics are accompanied by a design enhanced by a wide range of colors to meet every aesthetic taste.

These are protections made with the utmost care in each of their components, being as functional as they are furnishing products.

Their main feature is the structure of the folding net : a protection with manual opening and closing that is able to fold silently on itself during the opening slide, like an accordion, and to relax in the closing movement. Furthermore, the materials and threads that pass between the folds of the net strengthen the mosquito net, making it resistant to the action of atmospheric agents , such as wind and rain, and facilitating the movement of the structure in any position: open, closed, semi-closed. In this way, the pleated mosquito nets favor the passage outside and inside the house for all people , no one excluded.

Pleated mosquito nets are also the perfect solution for children, the elderly and the disabled because they do not have a floor guide (or, if there is, a low guide of just 4 millimeters) to avoid tripping or being hindered. Compact and lightweight in design, they have quick and easy installation and convenient and easy maintenance.

How to measure the size of pleated insect screens

You can choose between two types of measurement:
  • Finished : the mosquito net is delivered with the same dimensions indicated in the order;
  • Compartment : the delivery measurements have decreased by 3 millimeters compared to the bin side of the device.

Based on the space available to you, just indicate the desired millimeter value.

All the Advantages of Pleated Mosquito Nets

There are several models of pleated insect screens that can be the optimal solution for all the open spaces of your home.
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Bilateral
  • Central

Pleated mosquito nets with horizontal opening

Pleated mosquito nets for doors are suitable for all types of doors . They are a very versatile and functional protection with horizontal opening, able to protect the internal environment from unwanted microorganisms and allow the passage of air. In this way, you can enjoy all the pleasantness of the warm season, without suffering from insects.

Vertical opening pleated mosquito nets

The pleated mosquito nets for windows are suitable for installation on the windows of the house. It is an innovative vertical opening model, because it allows you to block the scrolling at any point at will. This particularity gives greater safety for children and a lower probability of failure .

To realize this, just compare this model to the wrapping mosquito nets, the sudden movements of their mechanism and the possible problems due to a malfunction of the spring. If you are looking for a safe and practical model, this mosquito net is right for you.

Bilateral opening pleated mosquito nets

Pleated insect screens characterized by bilateral opening are the most suitable for sliding doors and large windows. In fact, it is possible to slide the net from both ends of the mosquito net profile, in order to facilitate the passage. This feature confers greater comfort, because it adapts to the door / window trend and allows you to fully enjoy it.

Central opening pleated mosquito nets

This type of protection is particularly suitable for large windows and doors. A model with a central opening, in fact, allows you to block the scrolling at any point as you wish and following the trend of the frame. Enjoy the relaxation of a home that is always fresh and free of insects.

The net of pleated mosquito nets

The mesh certainly represents the strong point of the models listed above: a water-repellent fabric resistant to external agents (wind, rain, UV rays, salt, dust). The spearhead of the offer, available thanks to our made in Italy producers and suppliers, offers 100% protection.

The style of pleated insect screens

The mosquito nets available on Windowo take into account everything you need, to offer you the best alternatives and meet the style of your home. For this reason, you have at your disposal a wide range of colors, both for the profile of the mosquito nets and for the pleated nets.

Aluminum coloring models:

  • Matt ivory, painted silver;
  • Cream white, Matt white;
  • Dark bronze, Painted bronze;
  • Chestnut ponzio uberall;
  • Dark micaceous iron;
  • Imitation acacia wood, Imitation cherry wood Imitation cherry kromoss wood, Imitation pine wood, Imitation walnut kromoss, Imitation ponzio walnut uberall, Imitation light renolit wood, Imitation dark renolit wood, Imitation rough walnut wood, Imitation oak wood;
  • Gray, Anthracite gray, Michelangelo gray;
  • Antique marble brown, Michelangelo brown, Matt brown;
  • Matt black, Black Silver;
  • Hammered copper;
  • Hammered green, Michelangelo green, opaque green.

Pleated net color:

The nets supplied generally have the standard gray color.

If you prefer another type of color, you can choose from the following special pigmentations, available at the same price.
  • Natural White, Blue Marine;
  • Grey;
  • Brown;
  • Black;
  • Natural green.

Accessibility and protection of children

The design system of pleated mosquito nets is safe for children, the disabled and the elderly, thanks to the imperceptible floor guide and the convenience of being able to block the sliding at any point at will.

Maintenance and installation

These pleated insect screens without lower guide have been made of resistant aluminum and high quality mesh fabric, to ensure easy installation thanks to the few and practical supports required for assembly.

As for maintenance, carry out the operations indicated in the instructions. In particular, for the external cleaning of the pleated insect screens, proceed using soap and water, after brushing, both for the mesh and for the aluminum body. After that, rinse all parts thoroughly.

Our final tips on pleated insect screens

When carrying out maintenance avoid the use of oils, greases, abrasive detergents and solvents, you can provide for the lubrication of the structure through the moderate use of silicone sprays.

Taking care of pleated insect screens is a necessary and, fortunately, fast process. You can perform this action 2 to 4 times a year, according to your needs.

Pleated Mosquito Nets



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