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Self-expanding tapes at the best prices for sale online

Self-expanding tapes: best prices and special offers. Air, water, thermal, acoustic performances. Technical characteristics and certifications. On sale online on Windowo.

Self-expanding tapes: prices on offer and online sale

Self-expanding tapes are the most suitable product for managing the various problems of window installation. They must be used as part of the phases of correct installation of the windows, each of which requires a specific processing and product.

What is the self-expanding tape for doors and windows?

The self-expanding tape is made as open-cell polyurethane foams and is impregnated with resins that delay expansion.

In the construction and renovation of buildings, airtightness is a fundamental aspect. In fact, an airtight building envelope prevents humidity from penetrating into the structure and thermal energy from dispersing. A well-insulated building guarantees pleasant temperatures in both summer and winter, balancing itself against sudden changes in temperature.

The use of the self-expanding tape guarantees air, water, thermal and acoustic performance and allows it to be maintained over time.

Self-expanding window or door tape or traditional sealant?

Unlike traditional sealants that prevent the passage of water and humidity in both directions, the self-expanding window tape is an open-pored material that prevents water from entering from the outside and at the same time promotes the migration of humidity.

Using the self-expanding window and door tape it is possible to eliminate annoying condensation phenomena that can occur near the coldest points of the windows and the laying joints.

Being made of a breathable material, the self-expanding tape for windows:
  • seals from water;
  • does not let in drafts and noises;
  • prevents mold and condensation.

How to apply the self-expanding tape?

When we go to apply the self-expanding tape in the installation of doors and windows, the following steps must be followed:
  • Carefully determine the width of the joint;
  • Smooth the opposite faces of the joint to ensure greater adherence;
  • Choose the suitable gasket by comparing its thickness to the width of the joint to be sealed;
  • Check that the gasket adheres in all places to ensure a long-lasting hermetic seal.

Which brand of self-expanding tape to choose?

Read the technical characteristics carefully and check the certifications .



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