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Silicones and Sealants for Windows and Doors

Silicone for windows: buy online in a few simple clicks

Silicones and sealants for windows and doors on sale: neutral silicones, acrylics, acetic foams, etc. Buy window silicone and various professional sealing and fixing products at the best prices in the Windowo online store.

Silicones and sealants for windows and doors for sale online

Discover the best silicones and sealants for windows and doors: what are the best silicone sealants to use when installing windows and doors? And where should they be applied? In this section you can discover all the solutions to your sealing and fixing problems.

The frames, whether they are windows or external doors, suffer the insistent action of atmospheric agents in the long run. For this reason it is necessary to choose technical products of professional quality, elastic and with excellent resistance.

For flawless and long-lasting window sealing, discover our range of specific silicone, sold online on Windowo. Buy your window silicone on Windowo and save on the price you would find in the hardware store.

Our window and door silicone is the ideal choice to effectively protect and seal doors and windows, available online for a quick and easy purchase.

What is window silicone and why is it used?

Silicone is a material made up of molecules generated by the union of oxygen and silicon and is essential for carrying out a series of small DIY jobs at home.

This material is also used on a professional level, in sectors such as industry, construction and cosmetics. In fact, there are various types of silicone for many applications.

Silicone window frames were already known at the beginning of the 20th century, when they were launched on the market. Today window silicone is widely used due to its particular characteristics and is considered a valuable work tool, in the professional and non-professional fields.

How to apply silicone window sealant?

  • The first step to follow is to carefully clean the surface on which to place the sealant, to ensure maximum effectiveness. We advise you, if there is old grout or silicone, to remove it with a silicone spatula;
  • At this point you will have to cut the tip of the tube containing the silicone cartridge and screw on the special nozzle that will be supplied to you with the purchase of the sealant;
  • Obviously, to be able to apply silicone you will also need a silicone gun that allows you to apply the correct pressure on the rear plunger of the tube. Press the trigger and direct the nozzle so as to distribute the silicone evenly and continuously;
  • Be careful to maintain a 45° angle during application and if you have applied more silicone than necessary it is not a serious problem: you can use silicone cleaning wipes to remove the excess;
  • Leave it to dry for the necessary time and the sealing is done.

Buy the best window sealing products at discounted prices

Are you looking for acrylic or acetic silicone? A silicone for the exterior or interior of the house that is paintable?

The vast professional range of Windowo sealants offers you all the perfect products for filling, sealing, waterproofing, with a wide choice of colors and formats. Discover the best specific silicones for frames on sale online in the Windowo shop.

Your online shop for window sealants

We offer you only the best types of silicone for professional sealing, capable of greatly increasing the performance of your windows and doors.

Make your windows weatherproof with our high-quality window sealant, perfect for optimal insulation.

Frequently asked questions about silicones and sealants for windows

Do you have questions about the use, choice or application of outdoor waterproofing silicone and window sealing in general? Here are some of the most common questions with their answers to help you choose and best use these essential products for the insulation and protection of your windows and doors.

What are the best silicone sealants for windows and doors?
The best silicone sealants for windows and doors are those that offer high adhesion, resistance to atmospheric agents and flexibility. The choice also depends on the specific use: external or internal, paintable or not.

Where should I apply silicone in windows and doors?
Window silicone must be applied in the joints and spaces between the window and the wall, both internally and externally, to ensure good sealing and insulation.

What is window silicone and why is it important?
Window silicone is an elastic material that guarantees excellent sealing, protecting against drafts and humidity. It is important for thermal and acoustic insulation and for preventing structural damage due to infiltration .

How is silicone window sealant applied?
To apply silicone, first clean the surface, remove any residue from old sealants, cut off the tip of the silicone tube and use a caulking gun to apply it. Maintain a 45° angle when applying and remove excess with cleaning wipes if necessary.

How many types of silicone for windows and doors are there?
There are various types of silicone for windows and doors, including acetic silicones, acrylics, exterior or interior silicones, and paintable silicones, each with specific characteristics for different applications.

Can I use any type of silicone for all windows and doors?
Not all silicones are suitable for every type of window and door. It is important to choose the right silicone based on the material of the window and door (silicone for aluminium, wood, PVC silicone and metal) and the application environment (sealant for exterior or interior).

Where can I buy silicones and sealants for windows and doors?
You can buy silicones and sealants for windows online on Windowo, where you will find a wide range of professional quality products at discounted prices.

Are silicones and sealants for windows and doors easy to use even for non-professionals?
Yes, many products are designed for simple application and are accompanied by detailed instructions, making them accessible even to non-professional users

Silicones and sealants for windows and doors



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