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Access Control

Access Control Systems and Solutions

Access control systems at the best prices

In this category you can find the best access control systems for your different protection needs. These access control products can be used to control access to doors, windows, gates and other sensitive areas.

Access control: systems and solutions for sale online

Do you want to increase home security or company controls? Discover a complete range of latest generation solutions for access control management.

Access control systems are used in many cases. For example: sports facilities, swimming pools, recreational centers, car parks, gyms, trade fairs and management of large events, museums. Furthermore, residential access control linked to smart home automation is becoming more and more widespread.

What is an access control system?

The term access control refers to the authorization to enter a property, building or room only to persons accredited to do so.

Physical access control can be carried out by people (such as guardians, porters or receptionists), by mechanical means (keys or locks) or by an electronic access control system. Normally the attendance survey concerns the field of personnel management.

An electronic access control system determines who is authorized to enter or exit, where he is authorized to enter or exit and when he is authorized to cross a certain controlled access.

An electronic access control system consists of a door, an actuator and a reader. The reader reads a user's login credentials and sends them to a control panel. This compares the credentials with those present in the database and allows or not the passage through the door.

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The manufacturing companies that make these professional items are renowned leaders in the security and surveillance industry.

Our goal as an online access control shop is to give you safe, highly reliable products and advanced solutions that can keep up with your needs.

Here are the access control management products that you can find within this category:
Easy and quick to install, Windowo surveillance products and access control systems are solutions capable of guaranteeing a balance between security and freedom of movement.

How to design an electronic access control? What are the terms "access" and "passage" referring to? If you have any doubts, we recommend that you read our article on the Windowo blog: guide to access control systems.

We are at your complete disposal for any request regarding access control devices.

Access Control



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