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Bolts and Latches for Doors

Bolts and latches for doors and gates - Online shop

In this category you will find the different models of bolts and latches for doors and gates on sale in our professional shop. Buy many safety products on offer at advantageous prices quickly and easily. Are you looking for a door lock latch? Discover the Windowo specialized online store.

Bolts and latches for doors and gates for sale online

Are you looking for more security? Find a wide selection of bolts and latches for doors and gates at advantageous prices in the Windowo online shop.

One of the main advantages of deadbolts and safety latches is the versatility of use. You can use these devices to strengthen the closure of a door or a door, but also to secure the doors of a wardrobe in the cellar or the entrance to the garden ... the applications are endless.

What is a safety latch (or bolt)?

The bolt , (commonly also called deadbolt), is that part of the lock which, sliding in its seat, or by rotating, engages (or disengages) the lace or groove that blocks the mobile part.

The latch is an ancient locking system, so much so that we can also find it on very dated doors and windows. Did you know that door latches were used since the time of the Ancient Egyptians for locking, albeit in a very rudimentary form?

Today these safety devices are used to lock moving parts such as doors, shutters, slides to a fixed part generically called the frame. Its aesthetic is very particular and scenographic. They can be moved manually or by mechanisms such as locks.

How does a door latch work?

The door latch is a device consisting of two sections , one affixed to the door and one affixed to the reference wall. The section affixed to the door is equipped with a sliding metal band which is wedged into the section that receives it and which therefore creates a barrier against intrusions.

As easy to use as extremely ingenious, the latch can become the protagonist of the interior and exterior furnishings by strengthening the locking systems already present in a home.

The material from which bolts and latches are made

There are latches of different manufacture. The simplest are made of iron, brass and metal alloys and boast a minimal or classic shape. However, there are some very sturdy models, made of heavy materials and which may have decorations in the support plate.

These latches have become part of rustic, industrial and even shabby furniture, because they boast a very interesting vintage taste, especially if they are made of burnished or antiqued metals.

The best offers of bolts and latches: find out prices and sizes

These products will guarantee you peace of mind and safety at any time of your day. You can buy a small door bolt to avoid space problems and thus solve situations with more difficult safety locks. Or you can opt for a wrought iron door latch with a rustic and original design.

It takes very little to solve a closure problem in a practical and fast way!

Bolts and Latches



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