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Awnings with Extendable Arms

Awnings with Extendable Arms

Awnings with Extendable Arms for Sale Online

In the Windopo online shop you can buy different types of awnings online, which differ in shape, structure and use. You can choose the one that best suits your personal needs.

Among the most used and appreciated we find the awnings with arms . Versatile, comfortable and easy to install, they are among the most popular models.

What is a folding arm awning?

The extendable arm awning is one of the most requested awning models because it adapts to various types of balconies, terraces, gardens and porches and is able to aesthetically enhance any building where it is applied.

How is an extendable arm awning made?

The arm awning is made up of a roller-blind roller (also called a winding tube) and two telescopic aluminum arms that unroll the fabric.

The arms can open fully or partially, offering graduated sun protection. The movement can be manual, by means of a rod that turns the winch, or motorized.

The arms of the tent

The quality of the awning arms is a very important aspect. The types of extendable arms depend on the transmission mechanics, ie the mechanism used to manage the “elbows” of the arms themselves.

Wind resistance class

Each model of outdoor awning is subjected to a "wind load resistance" test and, based on the results, is placed in one of the 3 CE classes:
  • 1st class: resistance to a wind up to 28 km / h (shakes the branches of trees);
  • 2nd class: resistance to a wind up to 38 km / h (moves small shrubs);
  • 3rd class: resistance to a wind up to 49 km / h (able to move even large branches).

What are the limits of folding arm awnings?

  • The arm awning protects only from the sun's rays coming from above, unlike other types of awnings;
  • To cover large areas it is better to place several tents side by side than to choose a single very large tent;
  • This type of awning is unsuitable for exposure to extreme gusts because they can damage the arm joints.



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