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Video intercoms discounted prices: online sale on offer on Windowo

Video intercoms are useful devices in homes and workplaces because they help to recognize the person who made a call with the external push-button panel, in order to be able to identify them quickly.

There are many different types of video door entry systems for access control : they are distinguished by use, functionality or field of use.

What are the best video door phones on offer ? Discover in a few simple clicks wireless video intercoms, wi fi video intercoms, wireless video intercoms, connected touch video intercom models and much more.

Low prices video intercom? Read on because you are in the right place: this is the category that collects the offers on video door phones for sale online on Windowo.

Video intercoms on offer without sacrificing quality

The video intercom has various practical and safety advantages compared to the more classic version with only the intercom. In fact, the need to feel safe in villas or apartments has grown over time. Being able to see who is playing with your own eyes is undoubtedly one of the best ways to protect yourself from bad guys.

With our video intercoms you will always know who is at the door. A complete range of simple and complex solutions that will allow you to manage your spaces in total safety.

Which is the best video intercom?

On sale in the market there are different models of video intercoms, from the one with a 2-wire system to the ideal one for two-family units, up to the wireless video intercom, which is the latest model implemented.

In reality it is more correct to speak of a video intercom kit as it is usually composed of at least two units, one internal and one external. If the external one is composed of a push-button panel and an audio and video camera, the internal one can be understood as the real video door entry unit equipped with a monitor through which to see the visitor from the outside.

How to choose a video door phone?

Before choosing a video door entry unit, it is necessary to consider a series of technical and logistical parameters, linked to the needs and structural conditions of the environments.

In particular, it is necessary to verify:
  • type of housing structure : for houses and single-family villas, a device with a single button is in fact sufficient, instead it is necessary to choose a larger video intercom equipped with more buttons for condominiums or offices;
  • number of entrances to insert button and camera : which and how many entrances to the house must be manned? Most of the video door entry kits are designed for adding additional external and internal units;
  • number of internal points : finally, it is important to establish the number of internal points to be installed. Often installed next to internal doors, video intercoms can be positioned at strategic points in the home;
  • type of cables available : in the case of new buildings it will be possible to have the appropriate connections, it will be necessary to view the cables and raceways available to install the correct video door entry system in the case of existing buildings.

The wireless video door phone: an advanced product

Compared to the normal video door phone on offer, a wireless video door phone allows you to communicate with the person who rang without the aid of any wiring.

The signal is sent from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit via WiFi, or with the home Internet network. In the case of the wireless video door entry unit, the video of the images recorded live by the integrated camera is added to the item.

It is also possible to manage the accesses of the wireless video door entry units even from your smartphone, using a special app connected to the wireless video door entry unit.

How to install a wireless intercom?

Ease of installation is one of the greatest strengths of a wireless doorphone. By virtue of the absence of wiring, it is not necessary to have any skills as an electrician. Just follow the instructions in the product manual.

The installation can also take place inside an existing video door entry unit. In this case it is sufficient to place the wireless doorbell in place of the previous model, and insert the camera and microphone into the outdoor unit. After that, all that remains is to connect the home WiFi video intercom or to the internet.

Wireless video intercom prices : with Windowo you will find the best discounted solutions for sale.

Wireless video intercom, sensors and security

The function of a wireless video door phone is not limited to simple communication. You can add anti- theft motion sensors designed to detect presences, even in the middle of the night.

Anyone who enters the range of action of the sensor will lead to the switching on of the video door phone with camera. At this point the device will automatically send a notification to your smartphone: you can decide whether to start a communication with the person or activate the alarm remotely.

In managing the security of a home, office, study or in all those places where we often cannot always be present: having a wireless doorbell with video camera and motion sensors is not a detail to forget and will make you sleep soundly. even when you are busy elsewhere.

Video door phone prices: how much does a video door phone cost?

The video intercom price is variable.

Video door phone costs : on the market there are both cheap video door phones, from just over € 100.00, up to models that exceed € 300.00. This depends on the characteristics of the digital video door entry unit in question.

Video intercom discounted prices : discover the offers on video intercom costs in the Windowo online store. You will find ready-to-use video intercom kits, ideal for those looking for a complete, reliable and easy-to-install solution.

What are the best brands of video door phones?

As we have seen, the video intercom is essential to improve the safety of your home. On the market there are different types: single-family, semi-detached, condominium.

To help you choose, we have selected the best video door entry offers .

In addition to the price of the video door phones, it is important to consider the manufacturer brand. We recommend Somfy video door phones and Opera brand devices. They are reliable products, approved by the customers to whom we have proposed them.



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