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Door Knockers

Door Knockers

Door Knockers for external use for sale online

Discover a wide selection of external door knockers of various shapes, colors and sizes. Save your time: easily and securely order the door leaf you are looking for online in the Windowo shop.

What is a door knocker?

A knocker is an element applied to the door that serves to knock on it with the aim of attracting the attention of those inside the building. It is a much more elegant accessory than its successor, the electric bell. Not for nothing in fairy tales, if a character has to knock on a door, he usually knocks (and doesn't ring the bell).

The purpose of the door leaf is not only to warn of the arrival of visitors, but also to embellish the doors on which it is placed. It was also once considered a magical item - read on if you want to know more.

A brief history of the door knocker

In a distant time when human beings for the first time felt the need to protect themselves and their possessions inside a house, not only did the need to close, but also the need to notice who was born. wanted to signal his presence outside the home (and thus allow him to enter). This led to the invention of a special instrument perfected over time and called a beater.

The door is a very old piece of furniture. In fact, variously decorated door knockers were already in use since the times of the ancient Romans. Today, examples of different types are preserved in archaeological museums.

Once upon a time the magical power was attributed to the doors to ward off bad influences that could damage the house and its guests. Precisely for this reason, most of the depictions of the doors show threatening human faces or ferocious animals.

Knock on the front door in style

Today, the main purpose of door leaves is to make private or public living spaces more beautiful and functional. The doors can underline the style of a door, highlighting its character. For this they are aesthetically cared for, real design objects like the handles.

Discover the best door knockers at discounted prices

These elements must be integrated into the context of your furniture. We have therefore divided the door leaves between the different furnishing styles , in order to make it easier for you to find the right door leaf for your needs:
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