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Anti-theft Sensors

Anti-theft Sensors for Intrusion Alarm

Anti-theft sensors for intrusion alarm online shop

Anti-theft sensors for intrusion alarms for sale online on Windowo. Purchase different models of photocells and professional security devices to defend your home from intruders.

Anti-theft sensors: discover the best intrusion alarm devices for sale online

Discover the best anti-theft sensors for intrusion alarm for sale online on Windowo. You will find various types of photocells and different safety devices (such as alarm photocells) to defend the house from malicious people.

What are theft detectors?

Alarm sensors are electrical devices that detect the presence of intruders , and they succeed because they recognize the presence of certain physical alterations in the guarded area. However, these changes must not be due solely to environmental variations (false alarms). The sensors then send a signal to the system's burglar alarm control units which will consequently activate the alarm.

Theft detectors or detectors

As we have seen, the anti-theft sensors are detectors that send the signal to the control unit to trigger the alarm. For example, on Windowo you will find this Somfy Protect Home Alarm system for sale, consisting of a control unit with different sensors. The alarm sensors can also be programmed to perform different behaviors.

The correct choice of intrusion sensors is an extremely important factor in choosing an alarm system. In fact, it establishes the degree of security of an anti-theft system.

Which alarm sensors are the best?

You may be wondering at this point which is the most effective intrusion sensor to buy. In reality there is no better alarm sensor than all regardless: it depends on the security needs you want.

There are different types of anti- theft sensors on the market with different physical principles. Some limit themselves to simply detecting the movement of the attacker (microwave or ultrasound intrusion sensors) or the interruption of an infrared beam, others instead detect the alteration of temperature (passive infrared sensors), others still called punctual (magnetic contacts ) detect the opening of windows or entrances.

For example, on Windowo you can find Somfy IntelliTag perimeter sensors for sale, able to create a real security perimeter around the house.

Volumetric motion sensors

Motion sensors (also called volumetric sensors) are used to detect the passage of people in the environment in which they are installed, creating a sort of invisible barrier. Their operation is easy to explain: they activate an alarm (visual and / or sound) as soon as they detect a minimum movement, which is perceived by a microwave and ultrasound sensor.

We recommend that you take a look at the Motion Sensor for Somfy Protect Alarm, small, wireless and that does not let itself be distracted by the movements of our beloved pets.

Anti-theft sensor prices and unmissable offers on Windowo

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