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Home burglar alarm control units for sale online

Are you looking for anti-theft alarm control units at the best online prices? Discover the offers in the Windowo specialized shop. Defend your home from thieves thanks to our professional home alarm control unit models.

Home burglar alarm control units: prices and offers for sale online

Home alarm control units: are you looking for a technologically advanced home burglar alarm unit? The home burglar alarm control unit is the brain of each alarm system and manages all the devices in the system. The home alarm control units must be chosen very carefully as they are the most important component of the system.

Find your new high quality alarm control unit, with high performance, long reliability and safety on offer on Windowo. Furthermore, the burglar alarm units that we sell online are easy to use. This way you can save money without having to ask an expert for installation.

What is an anti-theft alarm control unit?

The primary component of the burglar alarm system is the alarm control unit, through which the entire system is activated, deactivated and managed. The control unit, when the alarm is triggered, determines which actions to take, the actuators to be activated and the duration.

The burglar alarm control unit: the brain of the system

The brain of the home's alarm system is the burglar alarm center. The main objective of the home alarm control unit is to coordinate and manage the individual components of the burglar alarm system.

A good alarm control unit allows you to precisely program the behavior of the various anti-theft sensors, configure the zones to be managed and view the history of the detections. The alarm control units are also able to detect any malfunctions, sensor obstructions or battery charge status.

There are many different types of home burglar alarm units on the market, which differ in terms of the number of zones that can be managed, but also in terms of their functionality, such as the wireless interface (in this case we are talking about a wireless burglar alarm unit) or the integrated GSM dialer.

The zoning

The alarm control units allow you to set different zones, areas with the possibility of independent management from each other. Each zone can be associated with various sensors.

This zoning is very important for two reasons:
  • Activate the alarm system only in certain areas of the house, excluding others;
  • Precisely detect any intrusions distinguishing them from false alarms.

The choice of areas is important: it must be made not only on the basis of the structure of the house, but also according to the habits of the people who live there.

Remote control of the burglar alarm unit

Security technology has made great strides. For example, the most modern Somfy alarm control units can check and manage their burglar alarm system even remotely, from a computer connected to the internet or directly from a mobile phone. In fact, some home burglar alarm units work with specific software for remote control of the same via latest generation smartphones.



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