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Wall Safes for Sale Online

Wall safes: best prices in the Windowo online store

Wall safes for sale online on Windowo at discounted prices. In our shop you can find many models of wall safes for every safety and protection need. Buy your new wall safe quickly and easily.

Wall safes: discover the best on sale online

Wall safes are a very useful solution in certain situations. For example: are you going on holiday and don't know where to keep documents and precious possessions? Or do you simply want to prevent any theft attempts? The most effective choice is to rely on your new wall safe.

On Windowo you can find the safest wall safe models online at discounted prices.

Wall safes: a discreet and safe solution

Wall safes are the ideal solution for those looking for an out of sight solution. This type of safe is installed inside a wall. The walls must be at least 10 cm thicker than the depth of the safe.

Wall safes have different dimensions of depth and development which can be vertical or horizontal, the choice will depend on the use for which the safe is intended.

The wall safes that we offer differ in:
  • dimension;
  • type of closure;
  • manufacturing company;
  • price.

You can choose from many types of wall safes selected from the best in their category.

There is also a wide range of possibilities to evaluate regarding the choice of closure. In fact, you will find wall safes with:

  • electronic combination,
  • with 6-lever lock and double-digit keys,
  • electronic locks with double-bitted key,
  • up to level III certified safes with key, electronic and mechanical locks.

Wall-mounted security systems are the ideal solution for those looking for a reliable and out of sight solution.

This type of wall safe is installed inside a wall, which must be at least 10 cm thicker than the depth of the safe.

Windowo online store: specialized in wall safes

The wide variety of wall safes on sale in the Windowo shop has been designed to meet every customer need, both aesthetic and practical.

The wall safes that you find in our online shop are produced by renowned companies in the sector, such as the Bordogna company and the professional Cisa brand products.

These are all leading companies in the safe sector. Thanks to our practical selection system you can choose the safe that's right for you, being able to choose by brand, price range, or popularity of the safe.

Wall safes: answers to the most common questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions regarding "wall safes" with the relevant answers.

What is a wall safe?
A wall safe is a type of safe that is installed inside a wall. This installation allows for greater security and discretion, making the safe less visible and more difficult to remove.

What are the advantages of a wall safe compared to other types of safes?
The advantages include discretion, as it can be easily hidden behind paintings or furniture, integration with the building structure, which offers greater resistance to attacks, and space optimization.

How do you install a wall safe?
Installing a wall safe requires creating a niche in the wall that is suitable for the size of the safe. Subsequently, the safe is fixed to the wall with special bolts and anchors.

How safe is a wall safe?
The security of a wall safe depends on its construction, the locking systems and the security level of the wall in which it is installed. Our certified safes offer known and tested security standards.

Can wall safes be fire resistant?
Yes, there are models of wall safes with specific characteristics that make them fire resistant for a certain period of time.

How do you choose the right size for a wall safe?
You need to evaluate what you intend to protect and how much space is available on the wall. It is important to consider both the internal space and external dimensions of the safe.

What happens if you lose your keys or forget the combination to the wall safe?
If you lose your keys or combination, it is important to contact the manufacturer. There are emergency procedures that allow the safe to be opened, but may require the presentation of proof of ownership.

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