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Mailbox plaques: aesthetics and functionality for your mail

Mailbox plaques for sale online at the best prices. Sale of italian letterboxes made in various sizes and materials. Don't miss our special offers on letterboxes in the Windowo shop.

Mailbox plaques on sale at the best prices

Discover many models of letterbox plates offered on special offers on Windowo. Online sales of mailbox plaques made in various sizes and different materials.

On Windowo you will find a wide choice of recessed letterbox plates in brass, stainless steel, wrought iron and many other types of letterboxes. If you are looking for the best mailboxes Windowo is the online store for you.

Each plaque is designed with functionality in mind: our letterboxes, as well as complete outdoor mailboxes, are easy to install and designed to protect your correspondence, keeping it safe and dry.

Buying on Windowo means choosing quality and service. Enjoy the convenience of shopping online, with the security of receiving a durable, high-quality product, delivered directly to your home. Discover our collection and find the ideal letterbox plate!

Mailbox plaques: questions and answers

Here are some common questions about letterboxes, with their answers:

What materials are available for letterbox plates?
We offer letter drop plates in various materials, including iron, steel and brass. Each material has specific durability and style characteristics to adapt to different aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Are letterbox plates weatherproof?
Yes, our letter drop plates are designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions, ensuring your correspondence stays protected and dry.

How are letterbox plates installed?
The installation of letter drop plates is generally simple and can be done yourself.

How can I choose the right letterbox plate for my home?
Consider the architectural style of the home, the color and material that will best match the exterior. Also, think about functionality: some plates offer additional features such as rain protection or night visibility.



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