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AriaLuceTherm PVC and Aluminum Insulated Shutter Space to Air and Light

Brands: Pinto
€ 109,9 /mq
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€ 90,08
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Product Configuration

Indicate the value in millimeters Min: 300 - Max: 4200
Indicate the value in millimeters Min: 300 - Max: 3300
Area in square meters calculated:


How to take the measures of the shutters?

  • Replacement of an existing roller shutter: you can take the measurement of the old roller shutter.
  • For new installations, according to the guides, the necessary tolerances must be taken.

What is included in the shutters?
Roll-up cloth, terminal (the last stick) and caps.

What are the delivery times?

  • Being made to measure, the shutters cannot be ready immediately.
  • You will have to wait at least 10-15 working days.

Right of withdrawal not applicable (art. 59 Consumer Code).

AriaLuceTherm roller shutter in pvc and insulated aluminum: improves ventilation, ventilation and light in the home

AriaLuceTherm Pinto allows greater passage of air and light in the house

  • The wider holes than other roller shutters allow more air and light to pass through.
  • This feature favors ventilation and controlled sunshine inside the house.
  • The outer layer is in aluminum, the inner one is in PVC.

Attention: the aluminum terminal is included in the price.

tapparella AriaLuceTherm Pinto in plastica PVC e alluminio coibentato

What are the advantages of the AriaLuceTherm roller shutter?

AriaLuceTherm Pinto is a roller shutter with external profile in insulated aluminum with wide hole and internal profile in PVC.

The key feature of the AriaLuceTherm roller shutter consists of the particular long slot in the slat, which allows, with the roller shutter lowered, significant ventilation and lighting of the environment , unlike the traditional roller shutter.

The size of the hole (height 5.5 mm, width 180 mm), much larger than the traditional one (height 2 mm, width 17 mm) favors, with the shutter lowered, the easy recycling of air inside the house and , at the same time, the entry of sunlight.

Measures of the AriaLuceTherm Pinto roller shutter slat

Read the dimensions of the slats of this PVC and insulated aluminum roller shutter.

measures of the arialuce pvc shutter slat

Colors: choose your favorite combination of your aluminum + PVC roller shutter

ATTENTION: this roller shutter is made in 2 different materials, so the colors are also different: for internal PVC and external Aluminum.

How to choose the color?
To facilitate the choice, we propose combinations with colors that are most similar to each other: you can see them better in the large photos above.
The combinations consist of 2 colors : the top color is that of the external aluminum, the bottom color is that of the PVC inside the house.

If you want other combinations, send us an email to ask for information.

abbinamenti colore avvolgibile pvc alluminio

Security: add the deadbolt (optional)

The deadbolt is a safety system for the roller shutter.
In practice, it prevents the shutter from being raised, and is very useful especially on the hottest evenings, when we sleep only with the shutters down.
The deadbolt is optional and excluded from this product. Ask to add it to your PVC roller shutter.

security roller shutter thieves

Technical characteristics of the AriaLuceTherm Pinto roller shutter

  • Profile size : 12 x 50 mm;
  • Weight per m2 : about 5.0 Kg;
  • Aluminum thickness : 0.50 mm;
  • Number of bars per 1 meter of height : 20;
  • Maximum permissible width : 4200 mm;
  • 2 different materials : external layer in aluminum and internal layer in PVC;
  • ONLY roller shutter (this product does not include belts or motors to raise and lower the roller shutter);
  • Aluminum terminal (the terminal is the last stick that rests on the ground).

The AriaLuceTherm shutter caps are included

Standard splint locking with screwed side cap.

tappi della tapparella arialucetherm pinto

Compatible guides: see the photos above

Look at the compatible guides of this roller shutter in the photos above.
We have put compatible guides for:
  • New achievements
  • Replacements of shutters
  • Aluminum bins

Before buying: how to measure the shutter?

We recommend that you take measurements based on what you need to do:
  1. Replacement of an existing roller shutter: you can take the measurement of the old roller shutter.
  2. Replacement or new installation of roller shutters and sliding guides: for the width of the roller shutter, with reference to the guides to be used, the necessary tolerances must be taken. You can use the old guides if they are in good condition and if they have at least 16.5mm of usable space inside.
  3. Enter the finished measurements, in millimeters (base and height). By finished measurements, we mean the total measurements of the product, including any side caps and completion accessories.
  4. For the choice of the shutter profile, if you need to make a replacement, measure the height of the single plank without considering the connecting hook between the slats.

Pinto Tapparelle: pvc and aluminum roller shutters for sale online

Pinto Tapparelle is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of PVC and Aluminum roller shutters.
The production plants are in Italy: in Polla (SA) and Polesine Parmense (PR).
Buy Pinto roller shutters in the Windowo online store.

buy pvc roller shutters online

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