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Burglar-proof Security Systems for Doors and Windows

Anti-burglary security systems for doors and windows

We at Windowo are never completely satisfied with the quality of the anti-burglary systems and home burglar alarm systems we offer. In fact, every day we continue to look for more and more performing articles: only in this way are we, and will always be convinced, to guarantee you greater safety.

Burglar-proof security systems for doors and windows

Lately we have seen accelerated growth in the numbers of thefts and robberies. Unfortunately, this trend is increasing both during the day and in the dark hours. It is our responsibility to secure homes with the aim of defending ourselves and the rest of the family. Furthermore, when we are away from home we can be more peaceful knowing that our valuables have been placed in complete safety.

According to statistics, more than 70% of break-ins go through the forcing of doors, windows and French windows. Situations with forced entry doors are less common, probably because the opening is better protected and protected by lighting or by the same clearly visible position. For this reason, particular attention must be paid to the protective function of the window. In fact, our windows are the first line of defense against thefts and robberies . This is why it is necessary to choose safe and quality products.

A small humble premise, however, is a must: there is no anti-burglary system that is impossible to overcome . In fact, the evolution of the security sector pursues professional thieves who are always finding new sophisticated ways to circumvent protective devices. We of the Windowo team will never be completely satisfied with the quality of the products we offer and we will continue every day to look for more and more performing items. This is the only way we are, and we will always be convinced, to guarantee you greater security.

What does anti-burglary mean?

Given the premise that there is no security understood as absolute, we can try to enter the world of products designed against burglary. Have you ever wondered what the word burglary means?

Burglary resistance does not mean being immune to burglary, but reaching a certain level of resistance demonstrated by a universal methodology . The test procedures are defined at European level with a standard accepted by the various member countries. When a product resists attack with a specific burglary equipment for a limited time , then, after passing the test, the relative degree of burglary is defined.

The action of the attacker is then simulated in order to certify how well a product responds to the various tests. There are 6 anti-burglary classes and for each a specific simulation has been defined which involves the use of certain useful tools to try to force in a certain time limit. The test is positive when, even if the product is deformed or rendered unusable, it has not been possible to create a passage that corresponds to the size of a human head. If you are interested in finding out what the anti-burglary classes of windows and doors are, keep reading.

The anti-burglary classes of doors and windows

The degree of security of an anti-burglary product is measured in six classes. The higher you level, the greater the resistance to the attempted break-in carried out with increasingly sophisticated tools and over a longer period of time.

According to police data, the occasional burglar gives up the burglary in the first 2-3 minutes. The objective of class 2 products is to create difficulties in burglary for a thief equipped with a screwdriver, pliers and wedge for an average time of 3 minutes. If you live in a high-risk area, we recommend switching to resistance class 3 which allows you to resist for at least 5 minutes against an attacker with a crowbar.

But class 3 burglary resistance may not be enough in some cases. For those who live in particularly risky areas, class 4 is the right choice: the burglar can use small electrical devices and hammers for 10 minutes. Classes 5 and 6 are very specific classes and can be obtained by making the various anti-burglary systems work together.

Secure your home against theft

How to reach the desired break-in class? These product combinations are excellent: we offer you various solutions to make your doors and windows solid and equip them with security features and advanced technology capable of preventing, or at least discouraging, break-in attempts. Read on to discover the burglary-resistant solutions most popular with our online store customers.

Burglar-proof bars: security systems for doors and windows

burglar-proof bars for doors and windows

Are you looking for a do-it-yourself anti-burglary system that can defend your home? On Windowo you can buy the two best burglar-proof bars on the market:
  • Blindy Sbarra: the anti-burglary bar that blocks even the most expert attackers;
  • Giroblock: the telescopic anti-burglary bar for extensible protection of doors and windows.

Anti-theft bollards against theft from lifts

anti-theft bollards against theft from climbing grimpo

In the vast world of anti-burglary hardware, we can only recommend the purchase of Grimpo anti-theft bollards, the obstacle against the climb. In our shop you can buy online the whole complete line of anti-theft bollards, with and without spikes. The wide range of Grimpo includes specific models to secure pipes, balconies, window sills, windows, perimeter walls and much more. If you need advice you can contact us.



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