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Gratings for Windows Blindy Iron Anti-burglary System

Brands: Blindy
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Blindy Grill - Iron anti-burglary window gratings with forged stud

What makes Blindy Window Railing unique?

Not all window grilles are created equal. The great strength of Blindy Inferriata is that it can be applied to any window .

In addition, you will not risk making a mistake in the measurements of the grated windows. This is because it is adjustable in width .

Furthermore , Blindy Railing for Window is finished with anti-rust treatment and black cataphoresis window bars and black painted stainless steel screws.

Are you looking for window grilles at discounted prices? With Blindy your search is over: the cost of window grilles has never been so low!

Window grilles ready in days and easy to install!

blindy inferriata per finestra antiscasso sicurezza che arreda

blindy inferriata struttura robusta e compatta borchia forgiata per finestra


Features Blindy railing for window

  • Applicable to any window;
  • Sturdy and compact structure, fixed with stainless steel grub screws - horizontal plate 35 x 8 mm;
  • Adjustable in width - 4 cm on each side;
  • Stud forged directly on the post - solid round Ø 14 mm;
  • Equipped with anti-burglary screws impossible to open;
  • Anti-rust treatment in black cataphoresis and stainless steel screws;
  • Optional painting available in different colors (contact us for a quote).

Blindy railing: with adjustable brackets!

Cataphoresis solution: the railing is protected by a black cataphoresis (anti-rust treatment).

blindy inferriata per finestra staffe regolabili

How to take the measurements of the railings for windows?

To order Blindy railing for windows it is sufficient to have the measurements of the light hole (wall) where the grating is to be installed.

Once the measurements of the wall opening have been identified (wall opening height and wall opening width within which the grating will be inserted), you can select the variants.

Don't worry about any small errors in the measurement - this grating is adjustable in width 4cm per side!

blindy Blindy inferriata per finestre misure

Window railings online prices on offer on Windowo

Blindy Inferriata does not only mean choosing "safety that furnishes", but also choosing a service.   It can be essential to have the grates installed as soon as possible so that you can manage the timing as efficiently as possible. Blindy does this by shortening delivery times.

You will also receive the window grille ready to install. In fact, inside the package you will find the brackets and all the accessories to install Blindy Inferriata in the wall hole.

Blindy has no secrets, it simply aims for excellence. The best place to buy Blindy window bars is the Windowo online store: you will find window bars at unmissable prices.

Made in Italy Design Blindy window grilles

There is no doubt that a window grille is simply a grille.

Precisely this simplicity made it even more difficult to create iron gratings for windows that could stand out on the market.

Blindy does this by linking the concept of safety (which by its nature a railing must have) to the concept of design. A design that in this case we are pleased to guarantee completely "Italian".

Window gratings and iron gratings made in Italy

The search for the design and the perfect material gives the craftsmanship of the railing a uniqueness distinguishable from its sisters not branded Blindy.

NOTE: to complete your purchase of window grilles, consider ordering the other Blindy accessories (available separately on Windowo).
D. informazione preventivo per: porta 230x70 porta 230x80 finestra 140x120 finestra 140 x120 grazie.
R. Buongiorno Deodoro puoi inserire l'intervallo di misure nella variante scheda prodotto per avere il preventivo. Per esempio 230x70 (base x altezza) non è fattibile perchè la massima misura è 152cm. Invece 140x120 è selezionabile. Cordiali saluti, Windowo

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