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Films for windows and insulating membranes at the best prices

Films for windows and insulating membranes for sale online on Windowo. Professional products for installing frames. Costs and prices on offer on Windowo.

Films for windows and insulating membranes for sale online

Are you looking for window and door films and insulating membranes for professional installation of fixtures? Buy technical components at a discounted price in the Windowo specialized shop.

Components for thermal insulation and air sealing

A properly insulated building enjoys comfortable warmth in winter and is protected from heat in summer. Its internal climate is balanced all year round without undergoing large temperature variations. Torggler thermal insulation systems meet these needs in the best possible way.

Furthermore, in the construction and renovation of buildings, airtightness is also a fundamental factor. An airtight building envelope prevents moisture from entering the structure from the outside and internal thermal energy from dispersing. Thanks to these window films and insulating membranes you will be able to create a balanced indoor climate throughout the year, without major changes in temperature.



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